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This is a simple chef cookbook that provides a defintion for managing user_ulimit settings.
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This is a short-and-simple cookbook to provide a user_ulimit resource for overriding various ulimit settings. It places configured templates into /etc/security/limits.d/, named for the user the ulimit applies to.

It also provides a helper recipe (default.rb) for allowing ulimit overrides with the 'su' command on Ubuntu, which is disabled by default for some reason.

Finally, it also supplies a more advanced ulimit_domain resource, allowing you to configure a complex set of rules beyond those supported by the definition.


Add to your repo, then depend upon this cookbook from wherever you need to override ulimits. (If you're on Ubuntu, you'll also need to add recipe[ulimit] to your runlist, or the files created by this cookbook will be ignored.)


  • node['ulimit']['pam_su_template_cookbook'] - Defaults to nil (current cookbook). Determines what cookbook the su pam.d template is taken from
  • node['ulimit']['users'] - Defaults to empty Mash. List of users with their limits, as below.


Consume the user_ulimit resource like so:

user_ulimit "tomcat" do
  filehandle_limit 8192 # optional
  filehandle_soft_limit 8192 # optional; not used if filehandle_limit is set)
  filehandle_hard_limit 8192 # optional; not used if filehandle_limit is set)
  process_limit 61504 # optional
  process_soft_limit 61504 # optional; not used if process_limit is set)
  process_hard_limit 61504 # optional; not used if process_limit is set)
  memory_limit 1024 # optional
  core_limit 2048 # optional
  core_soft_limit 1024 # optional
  core_hard_limit 'unlimited' # optional
  stack_soft_limit 2048 # optional
  stack_hard_limit 2048 # optional

You can also define limits using attributes on roles or nodes:

"default_attributes": {
   "ulimit": {
      "users": {
         "tomcat": {
            "filehandle_limit": 8193,
               "process_limit": 61504
            "hbase": {
               "filehandle_limit": 32768

Domain LWRP

Note: The ulimit_domain resource creates files named after the domain with no modifiers by default. To override this behavior, specify the filename parameter to the resource.

ulimit_domain 'my_user' do
  rule do
    item :nofile
    type :hard
    value 10000
  rule do
    item :nofile
    type :soft
    value 5000
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