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This is a minecraft / spigot / bukkit plugin, which will allow the player to save and withdraw his XP to a bank, represented by a sign.


  • Spigot 1.9.
  • ProtocolLib for Spigot 1.9


You can choose between yaml, sqlite and mysql. At the moment, only sqlite is being tested and known to work.


  • Re-implement MySQL support with a connection pool. That is not too hard, actually.
  • Better language support (German tbd). English as fallback on missing translation.
  • YAML storage backend.
  • Commands to interact with the plugin (reload etc.).


  • If you can translate the message strings you find in lang/english.yml, please create a pull request!
  • If you add new code, please include a unit test!
  • Database operations should be done in an async thread.
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