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Welcome my humble webERP fork! Check out the Project Mission Statement.

The plan of attack will be to

a) learn the code base through addition of phpDocumentor docblocks and review compliance with project coding standards (see the phpDocumentorTags branch) and then,

b)build functionality by adding the following functionality, generally in this order:

This will bring webERP closer to parity with other open source ERP projects out there such as Apache OFBiz, Odoo, and Adempier. Other functionality may be added after this, but this is more than enough to bite of for now :).

Project Management

Project objectives will be managed in the Projects tab. That is where you should go to see at what stage the project is. The Main Project is the top-level project, each functional module will be managed in a sub-project.

Collaboration & Contribution

I'm not really sure how to evaluate requests to contribute quite yet. Reach out to me and I'll evaluate on a case by case basis. This will change in the future.

Communication should happen primarily through the following:

  • Pull requests from individual contributors
  • Our webERP forum thread (link TBD)

Other Considerations

All of this code shall be compliant with the webERP coding conventions. The intent of this project is to develop code which will be rolled back into the main trunk, we don't intend to go rogue here.

That being said, I would like to implement as much OOP and modern design patterns as possible without breaking the existing code. It would be good to design with future improvements in mind. I think a good MVC pattern would make the code much easier to maintain. HR, Routing Management, and Labor Recording applications/modules are completely new and should be as self-contained as possible.

webERP is released under the GNU Public License 2.0.

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