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Configurable discounts for django-shop
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django-shop-discounts let's you say:

  • 5% percents discount for all products when code "Summer2011" is used
  • 10% percent discount if client buy 5 or more books in fiction
  • 35% percent discount on all fiction books during holidays
  • or whatever you want

This repository hosts django-shop-discounts application which aims to bring configurable and extendible discount app for Django-shop.

Current features:

  • multiple discount types
  • define date ranges when discount is valid
  • discount codes (that need to be entered by user for discount to be valid)
  • defining filters to allow selecting products to which discounts may apply (by product category, color, whatever)

The source code for django-shop-discounts can be found and contributed to on ``_. There you can also file tickets.

django-shop-discounts is currently considered alpha version.

Example application

To test django-shop-discounts application and get a feeling how it works:

  1. Make sure you have django-shop installed

  2. Change directory to django-shop-discounts/example

  3. Run:

    ./ syncdb --all --noinput && ./ migrate --fake && ./ loaddata sample_data.json
    ./ runserver
  4. Username and password for admin are: admin:password

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