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Extensions for FeinCMS.

Various experimental tools and modules for FeinCMS.

Example application is bundled (run ./setup_symlinks.py inside example folder to symlink FeinCMS media files.


Adds navigation_type fields to pages. Depending on the navigation_type, navigation can be splitted, in primary links, secondary links and so on.

Navigation types can be defined in settings

    ('primary_links', _('primary links')),
    ('secondary_links', _('secondary links')),

extended_navigation template tag, together with mptt tree_info template filter renders tree structure.

extended_navigation uses and requires django-templatetag-sugar http://github.com/alex/django-templatetag-sugar


group_page_content templatetag allows more complex layouts by grouping page contents with regular expressions. Here are some examples:

Wrap image content in div, but if it is followed by textcontent group them together under the same div:

{% group_page_content feincms_page.content.main "[imagecontent][rawcontent]?" as content_groups %}

This will return group list, each group will contain name, contents tuple. Name is by integer with value of 0 for 1st match, 1 for 2nd, etc. Groups that were not listed in expression would have value -1.

You can also give groups a name:

{% group_page_content feincms_page.content.main "<myname>[imagecontent][rawcontent]?" as content_groups %}

Group 2 successive text contents together in newsletter like columns:

{% group_page_content feincms_page.content.main "[rawcontent]{2}" as content_groups %}

-group_page_content screenshot

Separate multiple groups with a slash /:

{% group_page_content feincms_page.content.main "[imagecontent][rawcontent]? / [rawcontent][imagecontent]?" as content_groups %}

is_equal_or_parent_or_pretender tag

Use this tag instead of is_equal_or_parent_of filter add current class to HTMl navigation if you use navigation extensions, and structure can be guessed from URL scheme.

TODO: add example


Django management command to create structure from text file.

Menu structure file:

# Home
## Menu 1
### Menu 1.1
## {"template_key": "inner.html"} Menu 2
### Menu 2.1

This would delete ALL EXISTING PAGES and create structure from file:

./manage.py importstructure --delete_all menus.txt

And this would add structure from the text file to page with id of 1:

./manage.py importstructure --root 1 menus.txt

JSON options can be used to update default Page attributes.

In example above both "Menu 1.1" and "Menu 2.1" have template_key set to

simple permissions

For any page, following permissions can be set.

  • none - user cannot do anything
  • change - user can edit selected page and all childrent pages
  • all - user can edit all pages in subtree, add new pages or delete them. User cannot remove selected page.

To add simple permission, add 'feincmsext.simple_permission' to INSTALLED_APPS and update AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS with:



  • Delete selected pages action does not check permissions (it uses QuerySet.delete())
  • Add child page link is always displayed regardless if page can be added or not

simple permissions are implemented in example app for user1 (pass)


Create content types for given content_types_conf.

content_types_conf is a list or tuple, each element should have content type configuration.

Content type configuration is list or tuple with following elements:

  • content_type - class path or model (can be list)

  • region - region (optional, can be list)

  • options - dictionary to pass as options (optional)

      >>> content_types = [
              (RichTextContent, ), # all regions
                  ('feincms.content.video.models', MediaFileContent), # multiple content types
                  ('main', 'sidebar'), # multiple regions
                  {'TYPE_CHOICES': (('block', 'block'),), # options
      >>> create_content_type(Page, content_types)