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Quasiquoters for working with Control.Applicative, taken from haskell-src-meta


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applicative-quoters provides two quasiquoters to be used with
applicative functors: a do-notation-alike, ado, and an attempt to
emulate Conor McBride's idiom brackets.

They are originally taken from Matt Morrow's haskell-src-meta package,
before he disappeared forever and I took up maintainership of it.

There is a known bug where building the shared library fails on GHCs
prior to 7.0.4 due to some strange TH magic.

- Mostly a rerelease of to fix some metadata
- GHC 7.4 compatibility
- Dependency update
- Support infix applications in idiom brackets
- GHC 7.2 compatibility
- Stop ado' needlessly checking failing patterns
- Make a better effort to resolve constructor names

- Quasiquoters extracted from haskell-src-meta
- Module names changed to Control.Applicative.QQ.{ADo,Idiom}
- Stop stripping qualification from names
- Fixes for failing pattern detection in ado
- Drop dependency on syb and containers
- quotePat fields removed
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