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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Identify all reviews requests. Optionally, limit review requests by date range. """
from dateutil.parser import parse
import getopt
import os
from rbtools.api.client import RBClient
from rbtools.api.errors import ServerInterfaceError
import sys
def usage():
basename = os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(sys.argv[0])[0])
print """
{} -- collect reviews using the Review Board instance identified by the URL.
{} <options> URL
Review Limiting
-f <date>, --time-added-from=<date>
The earliest date/time the review request could be added.
-t <date>, --time-added-to=<date>
The date/time that all review requests must be added before.
""".format(basename, basename)
def error(msg):
""" Return a consistent error message. """
print >> sys.stderr, sys.argv[0] + ': {}. Use -h for help.'.format(msg)
def process_command_line():
""" Process provided command-line options. """
# FIXME: time = None works but the urls containing None may rely on a server
# bug. The server requires a valid date/time format. See
time_added_to = None
time_added_from = None
opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "hf:t:", [ "help", "time-added-to=", "time-added-from=" ])
except getopt.GetoptError as err:
for o, a in opts:
if o in ("-h", "--help"):
elif o in ("-f", "--time-added-from"):
time_added_from = parse(a, fuzzy = True)
elif o in ("-t", "--time-added-to"):
time_added_to = parse(a, fuzzy = True)
assert False, "unrecognized option"
return time_added_from, time_added_to
if __name__ == "__main__":
time_from, time_to = process_command_line()
client = RBClient(sys.argv[len(sys.argv) - 1])
root = client.get_root()
except ServerInterfaceError as err:
at_most = 25 # enforce max results to enable cleaner presentation layer logic
if None == time_from:
if None == time_to:
requests = root.get_review_requests(max_results=at_most)
requests = root.get_review_requests(max_results=at_most, time_added_to=time_to)
elif None == time_to:
requests = root.get_review_requests(max_results=at_most, time_added_from=time_from)
requests = root.get_review_requests(max_results=at_most, time_added_from=time_from, time_added_to=time_to)
total_results = requests.total_results
counter = 0
while True:
for r in range(0, min(at_most, total_results - counter)):
counter += 1
print requests[r].absolute_url
for diff in requests[r].get_diffs():
print '\tDiff: {}'.format(
for file in diff.get_files():
print '\t\t', file.source_file
done = True
for link in requests.links.iteritems():
if 'next' == link[0]:
done = False
requests = requests.get_next()
if done:
assert counter == total_results, "expected {}, got {}".format(total_results, counter)