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Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. Massive compiler and runtime re-work to properly support blocks and o…

    …ther features
    -You can now use `runtime`, `buf`, and `blade` as variable names within a template without conflicts
    -Updated documentation on blocks
    -The compiler now uses `this.templateNamespace` to keep track of the reserved variable name used throughout the template.  `this.templateNamespace` is typically defined as a local variable within a function with the short-hand name `ns`.
    -The compiler now uses an array buffer instead of string concatenation throughout, just like the templates themselves
    -Included files work much differently, accepting the buffer and other info from the parent view, rather than a runtime Object.
    -More detailed error reporting
    -Blocks now work propery and receive their own buffer Object at runtime (solves issue #10)
    -Functions now return `this.pos` to inform function callers of the buffer length prior to the call. This supports the capture of rendered content much more nicely.
  2. Added new test files and the ability to test a single file

    Also updated test suite
Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. Updated docs

  2. Updated docs

  3. Updated docs

  4. Try one more time

  5. Try again

  6. Updated docs

  7. Added test case for comments

    Added copyright notices / license info to files
  8. Can now add classes and ids to function output (solves issue #9)

    Functions are now passed the id and class attributes in special `this` Object, which may contains id and classes properties. If the first child node in the function is a tag, the id and class attributes will automatically merge with that first node. This feature makes compiled functions a bit more complex, since they have to check the value of `` and `this.classes` on each call.
    Fixed a bug in the runtime attrs function
    Added another test case
    Push to version 0.9.2
  9. New runtime build

  10. Lots of bugfixes

    Added more test cases
    Fixed bug in test.js to copy locals first
    Put util.inspect back into the compiler for AST display
    Added bladeutil.quote function to escape single quotes in a string
    Fixed a bug to allow attribute values with single quotes
    Fixed a bug to ensure a newline is prepended if the current node and last node was a text node or a filtered_text node
    Fixed comments within comments. Now a comment within another comment will render strangely, but it will allow the document to render propertly and validate.
    Fixed a bug with nl2br text filter
    Fixed a bug with block definitions
    Push to version 0.9.1
  11. Added /dist directory, which includes runtime.js for browsers (solves…

    … issue #2)
    Removed node libraries from lib/compiler.js
    Updated docs because compiler will not work on the browser at this time
    Push to version 0.9.0
  12. Added Blade middleware for client-side templates (solves issue #3)

    Updated runtime to work nicely with middleware (solves issue #2)
    Remove try, catch block from runtime
    Added .gitignore to ignore node_modules
  13. Push to version 0.8.0

  14. Implemented variable interpolation for text blocks (fixes issue #6)

    Moved 'code' node compiling section down to avoid confusion
    Updated parser to allow empty lines of text in a text block
    Cleaned up line breaks
    Super tiny change to runtime.js
    Fixed bug in test suite
Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. Updated docs

  2. Updated docs

  3. Updated docs

  4. Updated docs

  5. Add support for functions and function calls (solves issue #1)

    One can include arbitrary files based on a variable name at runtime (solves issue #8)
    Render calls with empty argument list are permitted now
    Push to version 0.7.0
  6. Added `filename` property to the compiled template wrapper function

    Added more documentation
    Cleanup doctypes file
  7. Fixed a bug parsing attribute values

    Parser can now parsed quoted strings with escape characters
    Push to 0.6.1
  8. Push to version 0.6

  9. Tag attributes can now be separated by whitespace, commas, or newlines

    Tag attribute values can now be a quoted string (value) or JavaScript code, as long as it doesn't contain any whitespace, commas, newlines, or parentheses
  10. Push to version 0.5.2

  11. Fixed error handling and reporting

    Changed behavior of runtime.rethrow method to return the error object instead of throwing it
Commits on May 6, 2012
  1. Push to 0.5.1

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