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Syntax Highlighting for IntelliJ(Webstorm,PHPStorm...) #129

olanod opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It would be nice to have syntax highlighting in IntelliJ(PHPStorm in my case). There's already a Jade plugin for IntelliJ so I think it blade support would be easy to implement.


@olanod - Syntax highlighting for Blade would be a huge win and a feature that a lot of people want (including myself). Personally, I'm a Notepad++ / Nano kind of guy. Other editors (i.e. like IDEs or even Vim) are a bit too heavy for what I need (disclaimer: I am a lost, ignorant soul when it comes to text editing). But, I digress.

Even though a lot of people want syntax highlighting for (insert your text editor here), it's not something that I have the time to work on right now. If you (or anyone else reading this) would like to collaborate with me on something like this, I'd love to help. And, like you said, it shouldn't be all that bad since stuff exists for Jade.

I will refer you to the Blade grammar file, which contains all of the parser rules for Blade. Those parser rules are then fed into peg.js to generate the actual parser. It might be a good idea to checkout peg.js and its documentation so you can better understand how the Blade parser works. Heck! You will probably find a better (faster) way of writing the parser. You can play around with the parser and the AST that it generates to get a better idea how it all works.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I'll take pull requests, and I'd be happy to help! Thanks!


Issue opened for IntelliJ in Jetbrains site.
I'm not the right person for writing a plugin for IntelliJ so let's hope they will take care of it.
BTW, I'm also a Terminal/Gedit kind of guy but I really recommend WebStorm/PHPStorm for any web related project, is not as heavy as Eclipse with Aptana and has many cool features that will increase your productivity.


Thanks for opening the Issue, I voted for it. Hope it will be there soon!

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