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Trailing space in function causes blank output #164

braco opened this Issue Apr 11, 2013 · 2 comments

2 participants

braco commented Apr 11, 2013
function buttons-toggle() 

There was a space after 

which caused Blade to output blank content with no errors. This was located in mixins.blade, which was included from the main layout. The function was not actually called anywhere.

bminer commented Apr 16, 2013

I'm confused. What exactly is the problem here? Could you post the desired HTML vs. what Blade produced?

Thanks for the bug report.

@bminer bminer was assigned Apr 23, 2013
bminer commented Apr 23, 2013

Having a single space after a tag is an error. The parser will complain at you and throw Errors, even if the function is never called anywhere.

I am closing this issue for now.

@bminer bminer closed this Apr 23, 2013
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