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Welcome to the node-mysql-queues wiki!

Troubleshooting Tips

None of my queries are getting executed.

  • Are you calling end() on the MySQL client? If so, make sure that's in your final callback (i.e. rollback() and/or commit() callbacks).
  • Remove node-mysql-queues from your project. If the problem still occurs, the issue is not node-mysql-queues related and you might get more help asking the node-mysql folks what's going on.

My queries aren't getting rolled back. What am I doing wrong?

You're probably doing something wrong. ;) Check the following:

  • Are you tables InnoDB or MyISAM? Are you using a storage engine that supports transactions?
  • Are you executing data definition queries like ALTER TABLE before you rollback? MySQL auto-commits a transaction when you run data definition queries.

Nothing works. WTF?

Woah... chill, dude. Does node-mysql work properly without node-mysql-queues? If not, go complain there. If the problem is solely related to node-mysql-queues, post an issue on Github or email me directly.