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compat/time32 fix null pointer dereference in setitimer time32 compat shim Dec 8, 2019
include unconditonally define alloca as __builtin_alloca Jan 1, 2020
ldso fix fdpic regression in dynamic linker with overly smart compilers Jan 1, 2020
tools fix musl-gcc wrapper to be compatible with default-pie gcc toolchains Aug 2, 2018
COPYRIGHT update COPYRIGHT year Jan 1, 2020
Makefile fix failure to build time32 compat shims with out-of-tree builds Nov 4, 2019
README update version reference in the README file Jun 25, 2014
VERSION release 1.1.24 Oct 13, 2019
WHATSNEW release 1.1.24 Oct 13, 2019
configure ppc: add configure check for older compilers erroring on 'd' constraint Nov 6, 2019


    musl libc

musl, pronounced like the word "mussel", is an MIT-licensed
implementation of the standard C library targetting the Linux syscall
API, suitable for use in a wide range of deployment environments. musl
offers efficient static and dynamic linking support, lightweight code
and low runtime overhead, strong fail-safe guarantees under correct
usage, and correctness in the sense of standards conformance and
safety. musl is built on the principle that these goals are best
achieved through simple code that is easy to understand and maintain.

The 1.1 release series for musl features coverage for all interfaces
defined in ISO C99 and POSIX 2008 base, along with a number of
non-standardized interfaces for compatibility with Linux, BSD, and
glibc functionality.

For basic installation instructions, see the included INSTALL file.
Information on full musl-targeted compiler toolchains, system
bootstrapping, and Linux distributions built on musl can be found on
the project website:
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