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    Ruby 1 0


    A web-based ToDo list optimized for managing a large number of tasks.

    Updated Oct 24, 2014

    JavaScript 0 0


    A web-based Sudoku game.

    Updated Sep 18, 2014

    Java 0 0


    A version of Bomberman that features around a dozen levels, different kinds of blocks, bombs, and powerups, and a custom level builder. Built in January 2008.

    Updated Jun 8, 2014


    A web API (back end) and an iPhone game (front end) that let you find out which of your Facebook friends you know the best by quizzing you on their interests.

    Updated Jul 22, 2012

    Objective-C 1 2,216


    forked from facebook/facebook-ios-sdk

    The Facebook SDK for iOS with a few custom fixes.

    Updated Jul 5, 2012


    A visualization of daylight using snapshots from a webcam.

    Updated May 1, 2012

    JavaScript 4 0


    A visualization of mutual Facebook likes.

    Updated Apr 5, 2012


    A webpage for monitoring videos that highlights the ones with activity.

    Updated Mar 27, 2012

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