Enables you to tell surfers their browser is junk without any complex setup or pain.
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BrowserWar, version 0.3.1
    Written by Peter Boling and Matt Long <http://www.sagebit.com/> 20081029
    Lisence: MIT

BrowserWar is a Javascript library for detecting a specific browser and displaying custom html in the response to requests from that browser. This library can be imported into a project to detect browsers and/or versions of browsers (hello IE!) and display a message stating that the site is optimized for more modern browsers. "BrowserDetect" tool used here is from http://www.quirksmode.org/js/detect.html

Examples (edit bottom of browserWar.js, or can be called within <script> tag in HTML files):
browserwar.klass('', 'browser_warning', true);
browserwar.message('<p>This site is optimized for the <a href="http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/"> Mozilla Firefox</a> browser.</p>' +
  "<p>It looks like you're using <b>" + browserwar.browser_display_name + " " + BrowserDetect.version + "</b> or older. To get the best experience from this site we suggest you upgrade your browser.</p>" +
  '<p>Click the image below to learn more about alternative browser options.</p>' +
  '<a href="http://browsehappy.com/browsers/" title="Browse Happy: Switch to a safer browser today"><img src="http://browsehappy.com/buttons/bh_185x75.gif" alt="Browse Happy logo" width="185" height="75"></a>');
browserwar.style('200px','20px','8px ridge #CE8DAD','#fff','#000');
browserwar.fight('Explorer', 6);

browserwar.setup : Setup the browserwar.browser_display_name variable
browserwar.klass(domClass, domId, closeable)
    Specify the DOM class and id for the warning div.
    domClass: String, the CSS class of the div the message that will be displayed to the user.
    domId: String, the DOM id of the div the message is in that will be displayed to the user.
    closeable: boolean true, false, or null
        if true, then a close link is added to the "message" to the user, so they can clear it off their screen.
        The close link will be above the browserwar.message if browserwar.klass is called before the browserwar.message function, or below it if after.
        The close link is wrapped in a div with id="browser_war_close_div, and the link has an id="browser_war_close_link"
    Specify the message to display in the warning div.
browserwar.position(topPosition, leftPosition, zIndex)
    Specify the position and z-index of the warning div.
browserwar.style(width, padding, border, background, color)
    Specify the styling of the warning div.
broswerwar.linkcolors(linkColor, alinkColor, vlinkColor)
    Specify the colors of the links in the div. (overridden if link style is set in a CSS file)
browserwar.fight(browser, version)
    Specify the browser to warn.  Can be run multiple times to specify multiple browsers.
        Possible browser identities to fight:
        Parameters: (browser, version), will warn all versions of browser if version is not specified
    Detect the browser and add the warning div to the page's onload event.