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🌐 My website made with hexo and my fork of "tranquilpeak"
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Travis (.org)

Built using my fork of Louis Barranqueiro's hexo theme tranquilpeak, using static site engine Hexo.


All files on the master branch are used as source files for Hexo to be able to build my website. The build is then deployed on the gh-pages branch.

My fork of tranquilpeak is used as the theme of the blog in a separate repo located under themes/bmitchinson_tranquilpeak.

Running the site locally

It's easy to do, and a great way to learn hexo and it's common theme structure.

Make sure to clone using git clone --recurse-submodules in order to simultaneously clone my fork of the tranquilpeak theme, as the markdown relies on it.

(From the master branch) Run:

  • npm i @ root dir
  • npm i @ themes/bmitchinson_tranquilpeak
  • npm start @ themes/bmitchinson_tranquilpeak (to build the theme)
  • npm start @ root dir (to generate the site and serve it locally)

This gives you a version of the site at localhost:4000 for tinkering πŸ‘

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