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Opening Kickoff

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Notes from the opening kickoff held on 2/27/19

Purpose: Outline our intended purpose of the web app.

Overall features:

  • Users add music to a queue using Spotify links
  • Hosted in a web app as a server, with a client relationship to a Raspberry Pi

Queue functionality

  • Music in the queue is made up of Spotify songs, using URIs (spotify:track:0efT4YKQLQx2YHbp6vgRX8).
  • Users insert URIs by grabbing them from the Spotify app on their phone. (Or the link, and we extract URI)
  • Items in the queue can be upvoted and downvoted in order to allow for dynamic rearrangement of the queue.
  • Downvote results in either removal or some other action determined by admin client configuration
  • Vote to skip if dissatisfied with the currently playing song
  • No repeat songs within admin configured time range

Admin functionality (Configuring the pi to owner preferences)

  • Allow for disabling explicit songs
  • Blacklist of songs
  • Genre Preferences -> playing a genre when the queue is empty (auto-populated queue)

Server details

  • Hosts the web interface for listener's devices to post songs

Client details

  • Raspberry Pi connects to a server hosting our app and then streams Spotify songs through its 3.5mm jack

Outstanding Questions:

  • Who's account will we use on the Pi? Any account needs to request an API key
  • We can rent/borrow Pi's from one another + HackIowa to test the client
  • What's our stack
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