It has two pipes; got tickets to the show?
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It has two pipes; got tickets to the show?

A low overhead sh utility to replace session


gem install guns -s


DISCLAIMER: It's not recommended to use guns in place of you shell I'm purely using IRB for demonstration

$ irb -r rubygems -r guns
>> "ls not-a-dir"
=> ["", "ls: not-a-dir: No such file or directory\n", 1]

The sh method returns a tuple containing stdout, stderr, and exitstatus.

Die hard

>>! "ls not-a-dir"
Guns::Failure: ls: not-a-dir: No such file or directory

    from ./lib/guns.rb:50:in `sh!'
    from (irb):3

sh! will raise an error on a non-zero exit status

Environment variables

>> "echo $FOO", "FOO" => "bar"
["bar\n", "", 0]

Further Reading

If you need more flexability and features, see Rush

TODO: Replace popen3


Joe Ruscio for helping me debug that nasty deadlock

Ryan Tomayko for Shotgun; where I got started with this

Adam Wiggins for Rush