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#!/usr/bin/env roundup
# Explain
describe "Test edge cases that cannot throw off roundup"
before() {
# A `cd` in `before` cannot throw off roundup.
cd /tmp
# Mess with $PATH
# NOTE: Ordinarily, switching on the test name isn't ideal practice;
# we're messing with some strange edge-cases here, so I'm not to unhappy
# about it.
if test $roundup_test_name = "it_hath_not_path_before_thy"
then PATH=
after() {
# Try messing with the $PATH in `after`
if test $roundup_test_name = "it_hath_path_til_after"
then PATH=
it_is_in_tmp() {
test "$(pwd)" = "/tmp"
it_hath_path_til_after() {
command -v ls >/dev/null
it_hath_not_path_before_thy() {
! command -v ls >/dev/null