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= 1.0 / unreleased
* It's now possible to register blocks to run after each request using
after filters. After filters run at the end of each request, after
routes and error handlers.
* Sinatra now uses Tilt <> for rendering
templates. This adds support for template caching, consistent
template backtraces, and support for new template engines, like
mustache and liquid.
* New 'settings' method gives access to options in both class and request
scopes. This replaces the 'options' method.
* New 'erubis' helper method for rendering Erubis templates.
* New 'expires' helper method is like cache_control but takes an
integer number of seconds or Time object:
expires 300, :public, :must_revalidate
* New 'cache_control' helper method provides a convenient way of
setting the Cache-Control response header. Takes a variable number
of boolean directives followed by a hash of value directives, like
cache_control :public, :must_revalidate, :max_age => 60
* Sinatra apps can now be run with a `-h <addr>` argument to specify
the address to bind to.
* Rack::Session::Cookie is now added to the middleware pipeline when
running in test environments if the :sessions option is set.
* Route handlers, before filters, templates, error mappings, and
middleware are now resolved dynamically up the inheritance hierarchy
when needed instead of duplicating the superclass's version when
a new Sinatra::Base subclass is created. This should fix a variety
of issues with extensions that need to add any of these things
to the base class.
* pass takes an optional block to be treated as the route handler
if not subsequent route matches the request.
The following Sinatra features have been obsoleted in the 1.0 release:
* The `sinatra/test` library is obsolete. This includes the
`Sinatra::Test` module, the `Sinatra::TestHarness` class,
and the `get_it`, `post_it`, `put_it`, `delete_it`, and `head_it`
helper methods. The
[`Rack::Test` library]( should
be used instead.
* Test framework specific libraries (`sinatra/test/spec`,
`sinatra/test/bacon`,`sinatra/test/rspec`, etc.) are obsolete.
See for instructions on
setting up a testing environment under each of these frameworks.
* Auto-requiring template libraries in the `erb`, `builder`, `haml`,
and `sass` methods is obsolete due to thread-safety issues. You must
require the template libraries explicitly in your app.
* The `:views_directory` option to rendering methods is obsolete; use
`:views` instead.
* The `:haml` and `:sass` options to rendering methods are obsolete.
Template engine options should be passed in the second Hash argument
* The 'media_type' helper method is obsolete. Use 'mime_type' instead.
* The request-level `send_data` method is no longer supported.
* The `Sinatra::Event` and `Sinatra::EventContext` classes are no longer
supported. This may effect extensions written for versions prior to 0.9.2.
See [Writing Sinatra Extensions](
for the officially supported extensions API.
* The `set_option` and `set_options` methods are obsolete; use `set`
* The `:env` setting (`settings.env`) is obsolete; use `:environment`
* The request level `stop` method is obsolete; use `halt` instead.
* The request level `entity_tag` method is obsolete; use `etag`
* The request level `headers` method (HTTP response headers) is obsolete;
use `response['Header-Name']` instead.
* `Sinatra.application` is obsolete; use `Sinatra::Application` instead.
* Using `Sinatra.application = nil` to reset an application is obsolete.
This should no longer be necessary.
* Using `Sinatra.default_options` to set base configuration items is
obsolete; use `Sinatra::Base.set(key, value)` instead.
* The `Sinatra::ServerError` exception is obsolete. All exceptions raised
within a request are now treated as internal server errors and result in
a 500 response status.
= 0.9.2 / 2009-05-18
* This version is compatible with Rack 1.0. [Rein Henrichs]
* The development-mode unhandled exception / error page has been
greatly enhanced, functionally and aesthetically. The error
page is used when the :show_exceptions option is enabled and an
exception propagates outside of a route handler or before filter.
[Simon Rozet / Matte Noble / Ryan Tomayko]
* Backtraces that move through templates now include filenames and
line numbers where possible. [#51 / S. Brent Faulkner]
* All templates now have an app-level option for setting default
template options (:haml, :sass, :erb, :builder). The app-level
option value must be a Hash if set and is merged with the
template options specified to the render method (Base#haml,
Base#erb, Base#builder). [S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]
* The method signature for all template rendering methods has
been unified: "def engine(template, options={}, locals={})".
The options Hash now takes the generic :views, :layout, and
:locals options but also any template-specific options. The
generic options are removed before calling the template specific
render method. Locals may be specified using either the
:locals key in the options hash or a second Hash option to the
rendering method. [#191 / Ryan Tomayko]
* The receiver is now passed to "configure" blocks. This
allows for the following idiom in top-level apps:
configure { |app| set :foo, app.root + '/foo' }
[TJ Holowaychuck / Ryan Tomayko]
* The "sinatra/test" lib is deprecated and will be removed in
Sinatra 1.0. This includes the Sinatra::Test module and
Sinatra::TestHarness class in addition to all the framework
test helpers that were deprecated in 0.9.1. The Rack::Test
lib should be used instead:
[#176 / Simon Rozet]
* Development mode source file reloading has been removed. The
"shotgun" ( program can be
used to achieve the same basic functionality in most situations.
Passenger users should use the "tmp/always_restart.txt"
file ( [#166 / Ryan Tomayko]
* Auto-requiring template libs in the erb, builder, haml, and
sass methods is deprecated due to thread-safety issues. You must
require the template libs explicitly in your app file. [Simon Rozet]
* A new Sinatra::Base#route_missing method was added. route_missing
is sent when no route matches the request or all route handlers
pass. The default implementation forwards the request to the
downstream app when running as middleware (i.e., "@app" is
non-nil), or raises a NotFound exception when no downstream app
is defined. Subclasses can override this method to perform custom
route miss logic. [Jon Crosby]
* A new Sinatra::Base#route_eval method was added. The method
yields to the block and throws :halt with the result. Subclasses
can override this method to tap into the route execution logic.
[TJ Holowaychuck]
* Fix the "-x" (enable request mutex / locking) command line
argument. Passing -x now properly sets the :lock option.
[S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]
* Fix writer ("foo=") and predicate ("foo?") methods in extension
modules not being added to the registering class.
[#172 / Pat Nakajima]
* Fix in-file templates when running alongside activesupport and
fatal errors when requiring activesupport before sinatra
[#178 / Brian Candler]
* Fix various issues running on Google AppEngine.
[Samuel Goebert, Simon Rozet]
* Fix in-file templates __END__ detection when __END__ exists with
other stuff on a line [Yoji Shidara]
= / 2009-03-09
* Fix directory traversal vulnerability in default static files
route. See [#177] for more info.
= 0.9.1 / 2009-03-01
* Sinatra now runs under Ruby 1.9.1 [#61]
* Route patterns (splats, :named, or Regexp captures) are now
passed as arguments to the block. [#140]
* The "helpers" method now takes a variable number of modules
along with the normal block syntax. [#133]
* New request-level #forward method for middleware components: passes
the env to the downstream app and merges the response status, headers,
and body into the current context. [#126]
* Requests are now automatically forwarded to the downstream app when
running as middleware and no matching route is found or all routes
* New simple API for extensions/plugins to add DSL-level and
request-level methods. Use Sinatra.register(mixin) to extend
the DSL with all public methods defined in the mixin module;
use Sinatra.helpers(mixin) to make all public methods defined
in the mixin module available at the request level. [#138]
See for details.
* Named parameters in routes now capture the "." character. This makes
routes like "/:path/:filename" match against requests like
"/foo/bar.txt"; in this case, "params[:filename]" is "bar.txt".
Previously, the route would not match at all.
* Added request-level "redirect back" to redirect to the referring
* Added a new "clean_trace" option that causes backtraces dumped
to rack.errors and displayed on the development error page to
omit framework and core library backtrace lines. The option is
enabled by default. [#77]
* The ERB output buffer is now available to helpers via the @_out_buf
instance variable.
* It's now much easier to test sessions in unit tests by passing a
":session" option to any of the mock request methods. e.g.,
get '/', {}, :session => { 'foo' => 'bar' }
* The testing framework specific files ('sinatra/test/spec',
'sinatra/test/bacon', 'sinatra/test/rspec', etc.) have been deprecated.
See for instructions on setting up
a testing environment with these frameworks.
* The request-level #send_data method from Sinatra 0.3.3 has been added
for compatibility but is deprecated.
* Fix :provides causing crash on any request when request has no
Accept header [#139]
* Fix that ERB templates were evaluated twice per "erb" call.
* Fix app-level middleware not being run when the Sinatra application is
run as middleware.
* Fixed some issues with running under Rack's CGI handler caused by
writing informational stuff to stdout.
* Fixed that reloading was sometimes enabled when starting from a
rackup file [#110]
* Fixed that "." in route patterns erroneously matched any character
instead of a literal ".". [#124]
= / 2009-01-25
* Using halt with more than 1 args causes ArgumentError [#131]
* using halt in a before filter doesn't modify response [#127]
* Add deprecated Sinatra::EventContext to unbreak plugins [#130]
* Give access to GET/POST params in filters [#129]
* Preserve non-nested params in nested params hash [#117]
* Fix backtrace dump with Rack::Lint [#116]
= / 2009-01-21
* Fall back on mongrel then webrick when thin not found. [#75]
* Use :environment instead of :env in test helpers to
fix deprecation warnings coming from framework.
* Make sinatra/test/rspec work again [#113]
* Fix app_file detection on windows [#118]
* Fix static files with Rack::Lint in pipeline [#121]
= / 2009-01-18
* Halting a before block should stop processing of routes [#85]
* Fix redirect/halt in before filters [#85]
= 0.9.0 / 2009-01-18
* Works with and requires Rack >= 0.9.1
* Multiple Sinatra applications can now co-exist peacefully within a
single process. The new "Sinatra::Base" class can be subclassed to
establish a blank-slate Rack application or middleware component.
Documentation on using these features is forth-coming; the following
provides the basic gist:
* Parameters with subscripts are now parsed into a nested/recursive
Hash structure. e.g., "post[title]=Hello&post[body]=World" yields
params: {'post' => {'title' => 'Hello', 'body' => 'World'}}.
* Regular expressions may now be used in route pattens; captures are
available at "params[:captures]".
* New ":provides" route condition takes an array of mime types and
matches only when an Accept request header is present with a
corresponding type. [cypher]
* New request-level "pass" method; immediately exits the current block
and passes control to the next matching route.
* The request-level "body" method now takes a block; evaluation is
deferred until an attempt is made to read the body. The block must
return a String or Array.
* New "route conditions" system for attaching rules for when a route
matches. The :agent and :host route options now use this system.
* New "dump_errors" option controls whether the backtrace is dumped to
rack.errors when an exception is raised from a route. The option is
enabled by default for top-level apps.
* Better default "app_file", "root", "public", and "views" location
detection; changes to "root" and "app_file" automatically cascade to
other options that depend on them.
* Error mappings are now split into two distinct layers: exception
mappings and custom error pages. Exception mappings are registered
with "error(Exception)" and are run only when the app raises an
exception. Custom error pages are registered with "error(status_code)",
where "status_code" is an integer, and are run any time the response
has the status code specified. It's also possible to register an error
page for a range of status codes: "error(500..599)".
* In-file templates are now automatically imported from the file that
requires 'sinatra'. The use_in_file_templates! method is still available
for loading templates from other files.
* Sinatra's testing support is no longer dependent on Test::Unit. Requiring
'sinatra/test' adds the Sinatra::Test module and Sinatra::TestHarness
class, which can be used with any test framework. The 'sinatra/test/unit',
'sinatra/test/spec', 'sinatra/test/rspec', or 'sinatra/test/bacon' files
can be required to setup a framework-specific testing environment. See the
README for more information.
* Added support for Bacon (test framework). The 'sinatra/test/bacon' file
can be required to setup Sinatra test helpers on Bacon::Context.
* Deprecated "set_option" and "set_options"; use "set" instead.
* Deprecated the "env" option ("options.env"); use "environment" instead.
* Deprecated the request level "stop" method; use "halt" instead.
* Deprecated the request level "entity_tag" method; use "etag" instead.
Both "entity_tag" and "etag" were previously supported.
* Deprecated the request level "headers" method (HTTP response headers);
use "response['Header-Name']" instead.
* Deprecated "Sinatra.application"; use "Sinatra::Application" instead.
* Deprecated setting Sinatra.application = nil to reset an application.
This should no longer be necessary.
* Deprecated "Sinatra.default_options"; use
"Sinatra::Default.set(key, value)" instead.
* Deprecated the "ServerError" exception. All Exceptions are now
treated as internal server errors and result in a 500 response
* Deprecated the "get_it", "post_it", "put_it", "delete_it", and "head_it"
test helper methods. Use "get", "post", "put", "delete", and "head",
respectively, instead.
* Removed Event and EventContext classes. Applications are defined in a
subclass of Sinatra::Base; each request is processed within an
= 0.3.3 / 2009-01-06
* Pin to Rack 0.4.0 (this is the last release on Rack 0.4)
* Log unhandled exception backtraces to rack.errors.
* Use RACK_ENV environment variable to establish Sinatra
environment when given. Thin sets this when started with
the -e argument.
* BUG: raising Sinatra::NotFound resulted in a 500 response
code instead of 404.
* BUG: use_in_file_templates! fails with CR/LF (#45)
* BUG: Sinatra detects the app file and root path when run under
= 0.3.2
* BUG: Static and send_file read entire file into String before
sending. Updated to stream with 8K chunks instead.
* Rake tasks and assets for building basic documentation website.
* Various minor doc fixes.
= 0.3.1
* Unbreak optional path parameters [jeremyevans]
= 0.3.0
* Add sinatra.gemspec w/ support for github gem builds. Forks can now
enable the build gem option in github to get free username-sinatra.gem
builds: gem install username-sinatra.gem --source=
* Require rack-0.4 gem; removes frozen rack dir.
* Basic RSpec support; require 'sinatra/test/rspec' instead of
'sinatra/test/spec' to use. [avdi]
* before filters can modify request environment vars used for
routing (e.g., PATH_INFO, REQUEST_METHOD, etc.) for URL rewriting
type functionality.
* In-file templates now uses @@ instead of ## as template separator.
* Top-level environment test predicates: development?, test?, production?
* Top-level "set", "enable", and "disable" methods for tweaking
app options. [rtomayko]
* Top-level "use" method for building Rack middleware pipelines
leading to app. See README for usage. [rtomayko]
* New "reload" option - set false to disable reloading in development.
* New "host" option - host/ip to bind to [cschneid]
* New "app_file" option - override the file to reload in development
mode [cschneid]
* Development error/not_found page cleanup [sr, adamwiggins]
* Remove a bunch of core extensions (String#to_param, String#from_param,
Hash#from_params, Hash#to_params, Hash#symbolize_keys, Hash#pass)
* Various grammar and formatting fixes to README; additions on
community and contributing [cypher]
* Build RDoc using Hanna template:
* Specs, documentation and fixes for splat'n routes [vic]
* Fix whitespace errors across all source files. [rtomayko]
* Fix streaming issues with Mongrel (body not closed). [bmizerany]
* Fix various issues with environment not being set properly (configure
blocks not running, error pages not registering, etc.) [cypher]
* Fix to allow locals to be passed to ERB templates [cschneid]
* Fix locking issues causing random errors during reload in development.
* Fix for escaped paths not resolving static files [Matthew Walker]
= 0.2.1
* File upload fix and minor tweaks.
= 0.2.0
* Initial gem release of 0.2 codebase.