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base fork: bmizerany/sinatra
base: work
head fork: sinatra/sinatra
compare: 28a8c9f9d12dbb08a11a74a71161a51fc0d361c8
Commits on Jun 06, 2009
@rtomayko rtomayko Use rack's new handler registration stuff to fix some failing specs cb40723
@sr sr Add a test for the :views render option 365c9e1
@rtomayko rtomayko get the CHANGES file going for the 0.9.3 release 4101cce
Commits on Jun 08, 2009
@rtomayko rtomayko Disable :show_exceptions on Base in all environments
See for ML discussion on this.
@sr sr Add a note about Sinatra::Base to the README
Edited-By: Ryan Tomayko <>
@rtomayko rtomayko Workaround for 'Illegal seek' under Apache/CGI [#227] e8f24a2
@rtomayko rtomayko 0.9.3 release 798ca32
Commits on Jul 26, 2009
@rtomayko rtomayko Fix app_file detect when under /usr/lib/ruby/1.8 (debian, etc.) [#249] e62532a
@rtomayko rtomayko 0.9.4 release e0ee682
Commits on Oct 17, 2009
@sr sr Rename media_type to mime_type for symmetry with Rack::Mime.mime_type 080adc2
@sr sr Allow to register a mime type with mime_type fd129ed
Commits on Oct 18, 2009
@sr sr Deprecate media_type d8f2438
@sr sr Deprecate mime 4774893
@sr sr Deprecation warning for Sinatra::Default 71435b7
Commits on Dec 12, 2009
@sr sr Do not require rubygems in compat test 7a2ee02
Commits on Dec 13, 2009
@sr sr Support Default forever 9208150
Commits on Dec 26, 2009
@sr sr Get rid of a rescue nil
From the commit (cfdf97d) which introduced it:

-        begin
-          data =^__END__$/)[1]
-        rescue
-          data = nil
-        end
+        app, data =
+^__END__$/, 2) rescue nil

The rescue block in the cfdf97d^ tree was introduced in b88c0f5
because of #201. I am not 100% sure that rescueing Errno::ENOENT
is enough, though. Please let me know if it is not.
@sr sr Deprecate use_in_file_templates!
Use enable :inline_templates instead
Commits on Feb 22, 2010
@sr sr fix the compat tests
I have no clue why these three lines are suddently required although it doesn't
suprise me given the amount of monkey-patching involved with Mocha. I am so
glade we got rid of all these silly mocks.
@sr sr disable tests failing under Rack > 1.0.1 fcb14d1
@dannytatom dannytatom Fixed jumbled sentence in lib/sinatra/showexceptions.rb
Signed-off-by: Simon Rozet <>
@undees undees Fix use_in_file_templates! with jRuby on Windows
It's actually a workaround for a jRuby issue.

Signed-off-by: Simon Rozet <>
@defunkt defunkt Adds a #settings method which #options is alised to.
I propose options be renamed "settings" - the nomenclature is perhaps more

set & settings vs set & options
@sr sr Add #mime_type to the delagator 515a83d
@sr sr Update README re. mime_type
@bmizerany not last, and surely not least, Ari 4cda475 Update docs with arg name change 2f73dd1
@sr sr options => settings in ShowExceptions c0745cc
@sr sr Get ride of unused fixture 1244fc9
@sr sr Update sass example re. options 336179e
@sr sr More 'halt' doc 3135941
@sr sr Doc for error(500) { } 71fbb26
@sr sr Doc for content_type :foo ac3962d
@sr sr Stick to single quote; kill a blank line 872e802
@rtomayko rtomayko add height/width to showexceptions spill image c05d506
@rtomayko rtomayko wider showexceptions page and deal with overflowing values 0cf1dad
@sr sr rename methodoverride setting to method_override
for consistancy with others settings which are all snake case
Commits on Feb 28, 2010
@sr sr fix sinatra/test with rack > 1.0.1 34c5045
@sr sr update CHANGES bbe1a92
Commits on Mar 04, 2010
@rtomayko rtomayko don't call deprecated use_in_file_templates! method in tests e419cd8
@rtomayko rtomayko move sinatra_warn into base.rb and use for 1.0 deprecations 7a74c72
@rtomayko rtomayko add deprecation warning for Sinatra::Default 9cf0c0d
@rtomayko rtomayko Base enables static by default if public is set and exists fe14534
@rtomayko rtomayko Base enable show_exceptions, dump_errors in development 2a8eb72
@rtomayko rtomayko deprecate Sinatra::Default 7196fa8
@rtomayko rtomayko simplify gemspec loading to workaround warnings under 1.9 432952d
@rtomayko rtomayko 0.9.5 release 22962c1
@rtomayko rtomayko fix 0.9.5 release date in CHANGES 008519b
@rtomayko rtomayko work around ruby >= 1.8.7-p248 segfault bug #2781
This seems to avoid triggering whatever craziness is causing
the segfault. For more info see:
Commits on Mar 07, 2010
@rtomayko rtomayko update CHANGES for 0.9.6 62dd121
@rtomayko rtomayko README: fix links to Sinatra::Delegator 78df8f1
@rtomayko rtomayko README: better links to project website and mailing list 0565d01
@rtomayko rtomayko 0.9.6 release 28a8c9f
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