This is a low-level "driver" for BMLT satellites
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This is a class that is to be used by PHP coders, for writing custom satellite implementations of the BMLT (Basic Meeting List Toolbox).

It is a class that handles the controller layer in the BMLT client/server system. This class will deal with all HTTP interactions, and uses the XML interface of the BMLT root server to operate.

It is designed to provide a functional interface to a communication infrastructure for BMLT satellites. It communicates with the root server using the XML variant of the REST interface.

This class will not use a class to hold transactions or parameters. This is because the fox ain't worth the chase That being said, transactions can be serialized and restored. This class is to be used as a "driver," not a communication stack. It is up to the implementation to do things like manage multiple transactions and whatnot.


This class requires a root server version of at least 1.8.1, and 1.8.31 introduces some new details that will add more capability. It MAY work with older root servers, but there are no guarantees as to the level of functionality available.


Simply include the bmlt_satellite_controller.class.php file, and instantiate an instance of bmlt_satellite_controller.

See the unit_test.php and application_test.php files for usage examples.

This class is used in all of the current CMS satellite classes, via the BMLT Satellite Base Class


**Version 1.0.20 ** - UNRELEASED

  • Cleaned up code, Added linting to travis.

**Version 1.0.19 ** - October 31, 2018

  • Adding composer.json file to allow this to be pulled in to other projects easier.

**Version 1.0.18 ** - November 10, 2017

  • The spoofed user agent in the call_curl function caused problems with some security software. I changed it to one that I hope works better.

**Version 1.0.17 ** - June 17, 2017

  • Added a workaround for some non-standard SSL certs.

**Version 1.0.16 ** - March 19, 2017

  • Fixed a couple of extremely minor issues in the call_curl method that could cause warnings.

**Version 1.0.15 ** - March 17, 2017

  • Added a blank "index.php" file to prevent dir listings.

**Version 1.0.14 ** - May 2, 2016

  • Adjusted the README to compensate for Atlassian's new format.
  • Added Doxygen documentation.

**Version 1.0.13 ** - April 21, 2016

  • Got rid of the useless and non-functional application test.
  • Replaced tabs with spaces (detabbed).
  • Fixed up this README a bit.

**Version 1.0.12 ** - April 15, 2016

  • Changes to documentation -that's all.

**Version 1.0.11 ** - July 31, 2014

  • Added a useragent to the cal_curl function, as some servers may block cURL.

**Version 1.0.10 ** - May 10, 2013

  • Fixed some warnings for strict mode.

**Version 1.0.9 ** - April 18, 2013

  • Fixed an issue with the curl call that might interfere with sessions.

**Version 1.0.8 ** - April 16, 2013

  • Fixed an issue that gave Drupal 7 fits.

**Version 1.0.7 ** - March 29, 2013

  • Added a bit of code to preserve the session across the call.

**Version 1.0.6 ** - June 26, 2011

  • Fixed the Service Body bug I introduced when I added it.

**Version 1.0.5 ** - June 25, 2011

  • Added the Service body ID to the Changes function. NOTE: Requires Root server version 1.8.32 or greater.

**Version 1.0.4 ** - June 7, 2011

  • Moved the project to GitHub
  • Added the capability to extract more information about Service bodies. NOTE: Requires Root server version 1.8.31 or greater.
  • Added the capability to look up changes for just one meeting (by ID). NOTE: Requires Root server version 1.8.31 or greater.