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A LiveSplit autosplitter for Metal Gear Solid on PC and emulator

⚠ This is version 2 of the autosplitter. Click here for version 1 (pre-May 2021).

Do not use a Scriptable Auto Splitter and an activated Splits Editor autosplitter at the same time - this will cause repeated splits.

⚠ If using a Split File labelled Subsplits, you should have a Subsplits component in your layout, not the default Splits layout.

Versions Supported


  • Metal Gear Solid (PSX JP)
  • Metal Gear Solid (PSX US)
  • Metal Gear Solid (PSX EU English)
  • Metal Gear Solid (PSX EU Spanish)
  • Metal Gear Solid Integral (PC)
  • Metal Gear Solid Integral (PSX JP)
  • Metal Gear Solid Integral VR-Disc (PC)
  • Metal Gear Solid Integral VR-Disc (PSX JP)
  • Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (PSX US)
  • Metal Gear Solid Special Missions (PSX EU English)
  • Metal Gear Solid - Master Collection Version (PC) for the above PSX games


  • BizHawk
  • DuckStation
  • ePSXe
  • Mednafen
  • RetroArch (Beetle PSX core)

Getting Started


  • Click the green button above and select Download ZIP, and extract MetalGearSolid.asl anywhere.
  • In LiveSplit's Layout Editor, add a new Control > Scriptable Auto Splitter.
  • Double click on the Scriptable Auto Splitter, and browse to MetalGearSolid.asl.

Setting the Default set of Splits

  • The first time you run the autosplitter, the Default Settings Template window will appear.
    • Selecting one of the templates will define your default splits for every layout you add the autosplitter to in the future.
    • The first three templates offer sensible split sets, depending on how often you want to split.
    • Choose one of the For Old v1 Split Files templates if you want to use your old v1 split files without having to add or remove splits.

Customising your Splits

  • In the Scriptable Auto Splitter settings, find the Split Points category and open it if necessary.
  • Every split supported by the autosplitter is listed here in order.
  • Check any split you want to include, and uncheck those you don't.
  • You don't need to uncheck splits that aren't in your run - the autosplitter will keep track of which route you're on, and avoid splitting in places that aren't on that route.

Default Split Files

  • If you've customised any of your splits, see Building Split Files below.
  • Otherwise, prebuilt split files are available in the Split Files folder.

Building Split Files

  • To build a set of split files that matches the selected splits in your settings:
    • Make sure the game, or any of the supported emulators (it's not necessary to launch the game), is already open.
    • In the Scriptable Auto Splitter settings, toggle the top setting MGS Autosplitter Toolbox on or off, to open the toolbox.
    • Click the button for Build Split File for current settings, to open the split file builder.
    • Change any of the settings if needed, click Save To Folder, and select the target folder.
  • Split files will be created for the following categories:
    • Any% (PC)
    • All Bosses (PC)
    • Glitchless (PC)
    • Any% (Console)
    • All Bosses (Console)

ASL Var Viewer ("Variables") Support

  • MGS Autosplitter provides a set of data variables about the game and run, that you can add to your LiveSplit layout.
  • You must install the ASL Var Viewer component by hawkerm first, and restart LiveSplit.

Adding Variables

  • Make sure the game is open before starting.
  • For each variable, in the Layout Editor, add an Info > ASL Var Viewer component and double click it.
  • Select either Current State or Variables, and select a variable from the dropdown box below.

Current State

  • The Current State variables are raw data taken from the game, usually simple strings and numbers.
  • These variables are provided:
    • Alerts: The number of times you've entered an Alert state when seen by the enemy.
    • Continues: The number of Continues you've taken.
    • Difficulty: A number representing the difficulty, where -1 is Very Easy, 0 is Normal, etc.
    • GameTime: The number of frames elapsed since you started a run. Timed at 30 per second.
    • Kills: The number of guards you've killed.
    • Life: Snake's current HP.
    • Location: A string representing the current game area, e.g. s00a is Dock.
    • MaxLife: Snake's current maximum HP.
    • Progress: A number representing your progress through the game. The end of the game is at 294.
    • RationsUsed: The number of Rations you've eaten.
    • Saves: The number of times you've saved the game.


  • The Variables variables are calculated by the autosplitter using game and run data, and are usually "friendlier" than the Current State variables.
  • These variables are provided:
    • D: This is a data store for the autosplitter. It doesn't provide any information and shouldn't be used.
    • FPS: A constantly-updating display of the game's rendered frame rate. By default 1-second, 5-second and 15-second periods are displayed.
    • Info: A general-purpose variable that shows contextual information whenever it becomes available. These are provided:
      • HP for Snake
      • HP for the current boss
      • Countdown timer for Chaff Grenade
      • Countdown timer for O2 when in water/gas
      • Countdown timer for Diazepam
      • Countdown timer for the elevator in Dock
    • Location: The name of the area you're currently in.
    • Platform: The name of the emulator currently in use, or PC if using the PC version of the game.
    • Stats: A single line showing every game stat (e.g. Alerts) that is 1 or higher.
    • Version: The name of the current version of Metal Gear Solid.