Simple node.js Twitter bot that follows users based on your inputs
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Twitter Follow Bot

This bot follows 10 users who recently had popular tweets for a specified search query.

How to use

  • Star and download the repository
  • run npm install to install the needed dependencies
  • Create a file named config.js - this file will store the configuration details for the Twitter API. The structure should be the following:
module.exports = {
  consumer_key: '',
  consumer_secret: '',
  access_token_key: '',
  access_token_secret: ''
  • Visit the Twitter API and fill out the form. When done, click on the Keys and Access Tokens tab to view your consumer key/secret and access token key/secret. Copy these keys/secrets into your config.js file.
  • In app.js you can edit the params variable to determine what to search for:
var params = {
  q: 'SEARCH_QUERY_HERE', //search query
  count: 10, //number of tweets to return
  result_type: 'popular', //shows popular tweets
  lang: 'en' //language English
  • Now we're ready! Open up the command prompt and type node follow.js to run the application.