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a p5js cheat sheet for beginners!
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a p5js cheat sheet for beginners!

This is a web based cheat sheet to help folks get started with p5.js! The cheat sheet is fully formatted for printing on a single sheet of paper for easy reference, classroom, and workshop usage. There are several translations available:

There are also pre-compiled PDF's available within this repository for each translation for folks who would like to get off-line ASAP, or who would like an immediate copy of a cheat sheet.

Making a new translation!

I'm looking for help translating this cheat sheet into as many languages as possible! If you can assist, please reach out via in the issues tab or via the p5.js forum post!

If you're not comfortable with HTML & Git:

No worries! – Please respond to (or open) the associated language issue with the translations for each cheatsheet section and a contributor will implement and confirm them with you before pushing them live!

If you are comfortable with HTML & making git pull requests:

  • clone the repository
  • navigate to the docs folder
  • copy index.html & rename to langcode.html (where langcode is the ISO 639-1 code for the language you are translating.
  • make all translation changes inside of the <code class="language-javaScript"></code> tags
  • make all translation changes to the terms JSON object at the bottom of the HTML page.
  • add your name as the translator + a link to yourself in the <footer> section
  • make a pull request against the repository!

bonus tasks (if you have time or are able)

update the readme:

  • add a link to the new translation in the
  • add your name as the translator + link to the

update the menu:

  • in the docs folder, find the menu.js file and add a link to the translation page

add a pdf:

  • export a pdf and add to the root (print to PDF in ^chrome), please name it p5cheatsheet-▵LC.pdf
  • verify that it will all fit on one page, if there is overflow, some minor custom CSS may need to be implemented.

^it's critical that it's in chrome, for best rendering and color accuracy.

▵ the LC here refers to Language Code, please use the appropriate ISO 639-1 code for the language you are translating

Creative Commons BY NC SA 4.0

With thanks to past cheat sheets like Ryo Sakai's p5.js sheet !

Special thanks to Kenneth Lim for initializing the HTML version which will make this cheat sheet much easier to translate.

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