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Cryptostore is an application wrapper around Cryptofeed that runs in containers, for the purpose of storing cryptocurrency data directly to various databases and message protocols.

This project assumes familiarity with Docker, but some basic commands are available to get you started below.

Using a Prebuilt Container Image

Docker images are hosted in GitHub and can be pulled using the following command:

docker pull

To Build a Container From Source

docker build . -t "cryptostore:latest"

To Run a Container

docker run -e EXCHANGE='COINBASE' -e CHANNELS='trades' -e SYMBOLS='BTC-USD' -e BACKEND='REDIS' cryptostore:latest

Note: if you've pulled the image from GitHub, the container name will be as opposed to cryptostore:latest.

Depending on your operating system and how your backends are set up, networking configuration may need to be supplied to docker, or other backend specific environment variables might need to be supplied.

Configuration is passed to the container via environment variables. CHANNELS and SYMBOLS can be single values, or list of values. Only one exchange per container is supported.


For more information about usage, see the documentation.