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What is Solnet.Serum?

Solnet is Solana's .NET integration library, a number of packages that implement features to interact with Solana from .Net applications.

Solnet.Serum is a package within the same Solnet. namespace that implements a Client for Serum, this project is in a separate repository so it is contained, as the goal for Solnet was to be a core SDK.


  • Decoding of Serum data structures:
    • Market
    • OpenOrdersAccount
    • Slabs, which are used for order book data stored under OrderBookSide and OrderBook which holds both sides
    • EventQueue (Event data, used to process and filter for TradeEvents)
  • SerumProgram instructions implemented:
    • NewOrderV3
    • CancelOrderV2
    • CancelOrderByClientIdV2
    • SettleFunds
    • ConsumeEvents
    • InitOpenOrders
    • CloseOpenOrders
    • Prune
  • SerumClient class which allows to:
    • Get these structures and decode them only by having their address
    • Subscribing to these accounts in real time, getting notifications with their decoded structures
  • MarketManager class which has:
    • Various overloads of NewOrder, NewOrders, CancelOrder and CancelAllOrders, these:
      • craft a transaction or several transactions, in the case where they interact with several orders
      • request a signature using the defined delegate method
      • submit the transaction to the cluster
      • and subscribe to the confirmation of the signature, notifying the user when it happens
      • if the transaction is subject to a custom error defined by the Serum Program here, it is parsed into the appropriate SerumProgramError enum value
  • Factory patterns for both ISerumClient and IMarketManager


  • net 6.0


  • Solnet.Rpc v6.0.13
  • Solnet.Wallet v6.0.13
  • Solnet.Programs v6.0.13


The Solnet.Serum.Examples project features some examples on how to use both the IMarketManager and the ISerumClient, these examples include:

  • Streaming market data directly into user-friendly values using the IMarketManager interface
  • Submitting new orders and cancelling existing ones


We encourage everyone to contribute, submit issues, PRs, discuss. Every kind of help is welcome.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details