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:: Purpose: Sub-script containing all commands for Tron's Stage 0: Prep stage. Called by tron.bat and returns control when finished
:: Requirements: 1. Administrator access
:: 2. Safe mode is recommended but not required
:: Author: vocatus on ( vocatus.gate at gmail ) // PGP key: 0x07d1490f82a211a2
:: Version: 1.2.7 ! bugfix: Fix incorrect path in rkill whitelist call. Thanks to github:KingZee
:: 1.2.6 * improvement: Skip Metro app list dump if system is in Safe Mode, since it doesn't work in Safe Mode
:: 1.2.5 * improvement: Clean up GUID dump file (convert from UCS2 to UTF-8) so for loops can correctly read it for improved Stage 2: debloat scans
:: 1.2.4 * improvement: Use %REG% instead of relative calls. Helps on systems with a broken PATH variable
:: 1.2.3 / metro: Reduce output from Metro App dump since we don't care about the fully-qualified App name
:: 1.2.2 + improvement: Add job to dump Metro apps on Windows 8+. This is so they can be sent via -udl switch if used
:: 1.2.1 + improvement: Add job to (temporarily) stop the Themes service during execution
:: 1.2.0 * improvement: Improve standalone execution support. Can now execute by double-clicking icon vs. manually executing via CLI
:: 1.1.9 + improvement: Add killing of HelpPane.exe if it exists
:: 1.1.8 ! bugfix: Preface WMIC calls with null input to ensure the pipe is closed, fixes WMI hanging on WinXP machines. Thanks to github:salsifis
:: 1.1.7 * logging: Update date/time logging functions to use new log_with_date.bat. Thanks to u/DudeManFoo
:: 1.1.6 * improvement: Update script to support standalone execution
:: ! bugfix:erunt: Don't wait for ERUNT to finish; launch it, wait 15 seconds, then continue. This is to prevent getting stalled on a rare error which causes a popup msg on Win10
:: 1.1.5 * ntp: Append ,0x8 to NTP server commands to send standard client requests vs. symmetric active requests. Thanks to u/webtroter
:: 1.1.4 ! bugfix: Don't attempt to create System Restore point on Windows 10 systems if in Safe Mode because Win10 blocks system restore point creation in Safe Mode
:: * improvement: Add 500ms delay (0.5 seconds) to screenshot capture. Also capture contents of all monitors now vs. only the primary
:: 1.1.3 + feature: Add job to capture desktop screenshot to the RAW_LOGS folder
:: 1.1.2 ! bugfix:siv: Prefix siv32x and siv64x commands with "start" instead of calling directly to prevent script stalling if SIV hangs. Thanks to u/gameoftome
:: 1.1.1 * siv: Execute siv64x.exe instead of siv32x.exe on 64-bit systems. Thanks to u/gameoftomes
:: 1.1.0 ! bugfix: Fix bug in GUID dump, include current date instead of time in the file name
:: ! bugfix: Wrap all references to %TEMP% in quotes. Should help prevent crashing on systems with special characters in the username
:: 1.0.9 / logging: Minor log message change/improvement
:: 1.0.8 + improvement: Add task to do GUID dump prior to running, to preserve GUID's on the system as they existed before Tron ran
:: 1.0.7 ! stinger: Add check for .NET 3.5 installation before attempting to run McAfee Stinger, since it relies on it
:: 1.0.6 * sysrestore: Expand 24 hour cooldown timer removal on system restore snapshots to include Windows 7/Server 2008 R2
:: 1.0.5 + sysrestore: Disable 24 hour cooldown timer on System Restore point creation (added by Microsoft in Windows 8 and up)
:: ! sysrestore: Win8+: Enable System Restore prior to attempting to create restore point, since it's disabled by default (wtf??)
:: 1.0.4 ! bugfix: Wrap references to WIN_VER in quotes to prevent crashing on Home OS's
:: 1.0.3 / misc: Rename folder created during registry backup from "tron_registry_backup" to "registry_backup"
:: 1.0.2 ! logging: Fix typo in log message
:: 1.0.1 * logging: Switch from internal log function to Tron's external logging function. Thanks to github:nemchik
:: 1.0.0 + Initial write
@echo off
set STAGE_0_SCRIPT_DATE=2018-12-07
:: Check for standalone vs. Tron execution and build the environment if running in standalone mode
if /i "%LOGFILE%"=="" (
pushd "%~dp0"
pushd ..
:: Load the settings file
call functions\tron_settings.bat
:: Initialize the runtime environment
call functions\initialize_environment.bat
:: STAGE 0: PREP :: // Begin jobs
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_0_prep begin..."
:: JOB: Temporarily stop "Themes" service
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [stop_themes]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Temporarily stopping Themes service..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
net stop themes >nul 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB (silent): Kill helppane.exe if it's running (Usually on Win10+ in safe mode)
taskkill /f /im HelpPane.exe /t >nul 2>&1
:: JOB: Create pre-run Restore Point so we can roll the system back if anything blows up
:: On Windows 7 and up, we have to manually enable System Restore (it's disabled by default...why?? because Microsoft)
:: as well as remove the 24 hour cooldown timer they brilliantly added in Windows 8 which prevents doing things like
:: creating a before/after restore point pair. Why? Because Microsoft. We also skip creating the restore point in Windows
:: 10 if we're in Safe Mode, because it refuses to work in Safe Mode. Why? Because Microsoft.
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Create Restore Point]
if /i "%WIN_VER:~0,9%"=="Windows 1" (
if %SAFE_MODE%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! WARNING: Windows 10 blocks creating SysRestore points in Safe Mode. Why? Because Microsoft."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Skipping restore point creation. Reboot to Normal mode and re-run Tron if you absolutely require one."
goto :skip_restore_point_creation
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.0 (
REM Win7 and up only: Remove the cooldown timer (via reg command) and enable System Restore
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.1 (
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
%REG% add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore" /t reg_dword /v SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency /d 0 /f >nul 2>&1
powershell "Enable-ComputerRestore -Drive "%SystemDrive%" | Out-Null" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
REM Create the restore point
echo "%WIN_VER%" | findstr /i /c:"server" >NUL || (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Creating pre-run Restore Point..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no powershell "Checkpoint-Computer -Description 'TRON v%TRON_VERSION%: Pre-run checkpoint' | Out-Null" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " OK."
:: JOB: Capture screenshot of the desktop. First hide all windows, then capture the screenshot, then restore all windows
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [screenshot]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Saving desktop screenshot to "%RAW_LOGS%"..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
stage_0_prep\capture_screenshot\nircmdc.exe sendkeypress rwin+m
stage_0_prep\capture_screenshot\nircmdc.exe cmdwait 500 savescreenshotfull "%RAW_LOGS%\tron_%COMPUTERNAME%_pre-run_screenshot_%DTS:~0,12%.png"
stage_0_prep\capture_screenshot\nircmdc.exe sendkeypress rwin+shift+m
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: rkill
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [rkill]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'rkill'..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " If script stalls 20 min or more, kill solitaire64.exe and solitaire.exe with Task Manager"
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
stage_0_prep\rkill\solitaire.exe -s -l "%TEMP%\tron_rkill.log" -w "%~dp0\rkill\rkill_process_whitelist.txt"
type "%TEMP%\tron_rkill.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
del "%TEMP%\tron_rkill.log" 2>NUL
if exist "%HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Rkill.txt" del "%HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Rkill.txt" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Get pre-run system state (installed programs, complete file list)
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Analyze System State]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Generating pre-run system profile..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
:: Get list of installed programs
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==x86 start stage_0_prep\log_tools\siv\siv32x.exe -save=[software]="%RAW_LOGS%\installed-programs-before.txt"
if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 start stage_0_prep\log_tools\siv\siv64x.exe -save=[software]="%RAW_LOGS%\installed-programs-before.txt"
:: Get list of all files on system
stage_0_prep\log_tools\everything\everything.exe -create-filelist "%RAW_LOGS%\filelist-before.txt" %SystemDrive%
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Do a GUID dump before kicking everything off
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [GUID dump]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Dumping GUID list to "%RAW_LOGS%"..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
<NUL %WMIC% product get identifyingnumber,name,version /all > "%TEMP%\wmic_dump_temp.txt" 2>NUL
type "%TEMP%\wmic_dump_temp.txt" > "%RAW_LOGS%\GUID_dump_%COMPUTERNAME%_%CUR_DATE%.txt" 2>NUL
del /f /q "%TEMP%\wmic_dump_temp.txt" 2>nul
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Do a Metro app dump before kicking everything off (Win8+ only; non-Safe Mode only [doesn't work in Safe Mode])
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Metro app dump]
if /i %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.2 (
if %SAFE_MODE%==no (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Dumping Metro app list to "%RAW_LOGS%"..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no powershell "Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Select Name" > "%RAW_LOGS%\Metro_app_dump_%COMPUTERNAME%_%CUR_DATE%.txt" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " ! Skipping Metro app list dump as it doesn't work in Safe Mode."
:: JOB: Disable system sleep and screen saver
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Temporarily disable system sleep and screensaver'..."
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [DisableSleepandScreensaver]
:: Kill off any running Caffeine instances first (can happen if resuming from an interrupted run)
taskkill /im "caffeine.exe" >nul 2>&1
start "" stage_0_prep\caffeine\caffeine.exe -noicon
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: ProcessKiller
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [ProcessKiller]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch Job 'ProcessKiller'..."
pushd stage_0_prep\processkiller
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no start "" /wait ProcessKiller.exe /silent
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Set system clock via NTP
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [SetSystemClock]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch Job 'Set system clock via NTP'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
:: Make sure time service is started, also force us to allow starting it in Safe Mode
if %SAFE_MODE%==yes %REG% add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\%SAFEBOOT_OPTION%\w32time" /ve /t reg_sz /d Service /f >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
sc config w32time start= auto >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
net stop w32time >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:",0x8,0x8,0x8" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
net start w32time >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
w32tm /resync /nowait >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Check WMI and repair if necessary
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Check+Fix WMI]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Check WMI health'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
<NUL %WMIC% timezone >NUL
if /i not !ERRORLEVEL!==0 (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! WMI appears to be broken. Calling WMI repair sub-script."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " This will take time, please be patient..."
call stage_0_prep\repair_wmi\repair_wmi.bat
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Backup registry
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Registry Backup]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Back up registry' to "%LOGPATH%"..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
start "" stage_0_prep\backup_registry\erunt.exe "%LOGPATH%\registry_backup" /noconfirmdelete /noprogresswindow
ping -n 15 >nul
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: McAfee Stinger
:: First check if .NET 3.5 is installed, since Stinger relies on it
%REG% query "hklm\software\microsoft\net framework setup\ndp\v3.5" /v Install 2>nul | %FIND% /i "0x1" >nul 2>&1
if %ERRORLEVEL%==0 (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [McAfee Stinger]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'McAfee Stinger'..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Stinger doesn't support text logs, saving HTML log to "%RAW_LOGS%\""
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no start /wait stage_0_prep\mcafee_stinger\stinger32.exe --GO --SILENT --PROGRAM --REPORTPATH="%RAW_LOGS%" --DELETE
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " System is missing .NET 3.5, skipping McAfee Stinger scan."
:: JOB: TDSS Killer
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [TDSS Killer]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'TDSS Killer'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
"stage_0_prep\tdss_killer\TDSSKiller.exe" -l "%TEMP%\tdsskiller.log" -silent -tdlfs -dcexact -accepteula -accepteulaksn
:: Dump TDSSKiller log into the main Tron log
type "%TEMP%\tdsskiller.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
del "%TEMP%\tdsskiller.log" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Purge oldest shadow copies
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [Purge oldest shadow copies]
:: Only versions of Windows older than Vista had "Microsoft" as the first part of their title, so if
:: we don't find "Microsoft" in the first 9 characters we can safely assume we're not on XP/2k3
:: Then we check for Vista, because vssadmin on Vista doesn't support deleting old copies. Sigh.
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.1 (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Purge oldest Shadow Copy set (Win7 and up)'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
:: Force allow us to start VSS service in Safe Mode
%REG% add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\%SAFEBOOT_OPTION%\VSS" /ve /t reg_sz /d Service /f >nul 2>&1
net start VSS >nul 2>&1
vssadmin delete shadows /for=%SystemDrive% /oldest /quiet >nul 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Reduce SysRestore space
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_0_prep] [System Restore Modifications]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Reducing max allowed System Restore space to 7%%%% of disk..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
%SystemRoot%\System32\reg.exe add "\\%COMPUTERNAME%\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore" /v DiskPercent /t REG_DWORD /d 00000007 /f>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
%SystemRoot%\System32\reg.exe add "\\%COMPUTERNAME%\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore\Cfg" /v DiskPercent /t REG_DWORD /d 00000007 /f>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: Stage complete
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_0_prep complete."