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:: Purpose: Sub-script containing all commands for Tron's Stage 3: Disinfect stage. Called by tron.bat and returns control when finished
:: Requirements: 1. Administrator access
:: 2. Safe mode is recommended but not required
:: Author: vocatus on ( vocatus.gate at gmail ) // PGP key: 0x07d1490f82a211a2
:: Version: 1.2.3 ! sophos: Fix bug in Sophos code where we wouldn't download updates even if we have a network connection. Thanks to github:gkraker04
:: 1.2.2 * mbam: Update to v3.x and fix a couple bugs related to shortcut deletion. Thanks to u/CSI-Debug
:: Consider MBAM v2.x as "no MBAM installed" and run the v3 installer regardless whether v2 exists on the system
:: 1.2.1 ! mbam: Fix for MBAM not launching if it was already installed. Thanks to u/b_sen
:: - script: Remove deprecated Junkware Removal Tool code
:: 1.2.0 * sophos: Prevent Sophos from trying to update if a network connection isn't detected
:: 1.1.9 * improvement: Improve standalone execution support. Can now execute by double-clicking icon vs. manually executing via CLI
:: 1.1.8 * logging: Update date/time logging functions to use new log_with_date.bat. Thanks to u/DudeManFoo
:: 1.1.7 * mbam: Improve pre-existing installation detection. Thanks to github:RedBaron2
:: 1.1.6 * improvement: Update script to support standalone execution
:: 1.1.5 ! mbam: Fix MBAM not launching or installing bug
:: 1.1.4 * mbam: Update MBAM detection to include new v3.x series. Thanks to u/Phantop
:: 1.1.3 + certcache: Add job to clear the CryptNet SSL certificate cache (Vista and up). Thanks to github:Itsnothectic and github:alazare619
:: 1.1.2 + jrt: Add job "JRT" (Junkware Removal Tool by Malwarebytes). Currently disabled (pending troubleshooting)
:: - roguekiller: Remove obsolete code for RogueKiller
:: 1.1.1 ! mbam: Clean up mbam launching routine. Should eliminate erroneous message about mbam.exe not being found
:: ! bugfix: Correct a reference to USERPROFILE that should've used Tron's USERPROFILES instead
:: 1.1.0 + mbam: Add installation of mbam2-rules.exe (offline definition file) to MBAM installation routine. Thanks to u/sofakingdead
:: 1.0.2 * mbam: Import pre-configured settings.conf that ticks the "scan for rootkits" option when installing MBAM. Thanks to u/staticextasy
:: 1.0.1 * logging: Switch from internal log function to Tron's external logging function. Thanks to github:nemchik
:: 1.0.0 + Initial write
@echo off
set STAGE_3_SCRIPT_DATE=2018-12-07
:: Check for standalone vs. Tron execution and build the environment if running in standalone mode
if /i "%LOGFILE%"=="" (
pushd "%~dp0"
pushd ..
:: Load the settings file
call functions\tron_settings.bat
:: Initialize the runtime environment
call functions\initialize_environment.bat
:: STAGE 3: Disinfect :: // Begin jobs
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_3_disinfect begin..."
:: JOB: Clear CryptNet SSL certificate cache (Vista and up)
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.0 (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_3_disinfect] [Clear CryptNet SSL cache]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Clear CryptNet SSL certificate cache'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no certutil -URLcache * delete >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware)
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_3_disinfect] [Malwarebytes Anti-Malware]
:: The path in v3 changed from v2, so we only check for a v3 installation and skip installing if it exists. If v2 exists, we
:: run the v3 installation to get it up-to-date. tl;dr we consider an MBAM v2 installation "not installed" for the purposes of Tron
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" set EXISTING_MBAM=yes
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" set EXISTING_MBAM=yes
if /i %EXISTING_MBAM%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Existing MBAM installation detected. Skipping installation."
goto skip_mbam
if /i %SKIP_MBAM_INSTALL%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_MBAM_INSTALL (-sm) set. Skipping MBAM installation."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware'..."
:: Install MBAM and remove desktop icon
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
"stage_3_disinfect\mbam\mb3-setup-54035.54035-" /SP- /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NOCANCEL
:: Nuke MBAM which arrogantly auto-starts even though we didn't request it
net stop mbamservice >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
taskkill /f /im mbamtray.exe >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
:: Nuke the desktop shortcut
if exist "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk" del /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk"
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\Public\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk" del /f /q "%USERPROFILES%\Public\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk"
if exist "%USERPROFILES%\Default\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk" del /f /q "%USERPROFILES%\Default\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk"
if exist "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk" del /f /q "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\Malwarebytes.lnk"
:: Install our config
copy /y stage_3_disinfect\mbam\*.json "%ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config\" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
:: Install the bundled definitions file and integrate the log into Tron's log
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Loading bundled definitions package..."
stage_3_disinfect\mbam\mbam2-rules.exe /sp- /verysilent /suppressmsgboxes /log="%RAW_LOGS%\mbam_rules_install.log" /norestart
type "%RAW_LOGS%\mbam_rules_install.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: Scan for and launch appropriate architecture version
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" start "" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe"
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe" start "" "%ProgramFiles%\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbam.exe"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! NOTE: You must manually click SCAN in the MBAM window!"
:: JOB: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (KVRT)
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_3_disinfect] [Kaspersky VRT]
if /i %SKIP_KASPERSKY_SCAN%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_KASPERSKY_SCAN (-sk) set. Skipping KVRT scan."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool'..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Tool-specific log will be saved to "%RAW_LOGS%\Reports""
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
start /wait stage_3_disinfect\kaspersky_virus_removal_tool\KVRT.exe -d "%RAW_LOGS%" -accepteula -adinsilent -silent -processlevel 2 -dontcryptsupportinfo
if exist "%RAW_LOGS%\Legal notices" rmdir /s /q "%RAW_LOGS%\Legal notices" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Sophos Virus Remover
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_3_disinfect] [Sophos Virus Remover]
if /i %SKIP_SOPHOS_SCAN%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_SOPHOS_SCAN (-ss) set. Skipping SAV scan."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Sophos Virus Removal Tool' (slow, be patient)..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Scanning output is REDUCED by default (use -v to show)..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
REM Check whether or not we have a network connection and activate the appropriate config file
if exist stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config.xml del /f /q stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config.xml >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
copy /a /y stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config_network_connected_no.xml stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config.xml >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
) else (
copy /a /y stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config_network_connected_yes.xml stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config.xml >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist "%ProgramData%\Sophos\Sophos Virus Removal Tool\logs\SophosVirusRemovalTool.log" del /f /q "%ProgramData%\Sophos\Sophos Virus Removal Tool\logs\SophosVirusRemovalTool.log" >nul 2>&1
if /i %VERBOSE%==no (
stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\svrtcli.exe -yes
) else (
stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\svrtcli.exe -yes -debug
type "%ProgramData%\Sophos\Sophos Virus Removal Tool\logs\SophosVirusRemovalTool.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
if exist "%ProgramData%\Sophos\Sophos Virus Removal Tool\logs\SophosVirusRemovalTool.log" del /f /q "%ProgramData%\Sophos\Sophos Virus Removal Tool\logs\SophosVirusRemovalTool.log" >nul 2>&1
del /f /q stage_3_disinfect\sophos_virus_remover\config.xml >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: Stage complete
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_3_disinfect complete."