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:: Purpose: Sub-script containing all commands for Tron's Stage 5: Patch stage. Called by tron.bat and returns control when finished
:: Requirements: 1. Administrator access
:: 2. Safe mode is recommended but not required
:: Author: vocatus on ( vocatus.gate at gmail ) // PGP key: 0x07d1490f82a211a2
:: Version: 1.2.4 * improvement: Use %REG% instead of relative calls. Helps on systems with a broken PATH variable
:: 1.2.3 ! bugfix: Remove dead code that was incorrectly attempting to install Acrobat Reader DC updates
:: 1.2.2 * improvement: Improve standalone execution support. Can now execute by double-clicking icon vs. manually executing via CLI
:: 1.2.1 ! bugfix: Update Windows Defender prior to Windows update. Fixes bug where sometimes Windows Update won't work until Defender update runs. Thanks to /u/bubonis
:: 1.2.0 ! bugfix: Preface WMIC calls with null input to ensure the pipe is closed, fixes WMI hanging on WinXP machines. Thanks to github:salsifis
:: 1.1.9 / wsus: Change wuauserv command to set the service to AUTO instead of DEMAND. Thanks to /u/Star_9
:: 1.1.8 ! bugfix: Fix in WSUS Offline update code due to an unused variable. Thanks to /u/gayuha
:: 1.1.7 * logging: Update date/time logging functions to use new log_with_date.bat. Thanks to /u/DudeManFoo
:: 1.1.6 * improvement: Update script to support standalone execution
:: + feature: Add support for bundled WSUS Offline updates. Thanks to /u/TootZoot for initial template code
:: / misc: change :skip_updates and associated GOTO statements to :skip_application_updates
:: / misc: change various text strings referring to SKIP_UPDATES to SKIP_APP_UPDATES
:: 1.1.5 * adobe: Update verbage on installation of Adobe Reader to reflect new Reader DC installation
:: ! bugfix: Don't display "done" message if no Java installation was detected or updated
:: 1.1.4 * improvement: Windows Update; force start Windows Update service in case it's not running, prior to running the wuaserv command
:: 1.1.3 ! bugfix: 7ZIP_DETECTED would never get set because it started with a number. Rename to SEVENZIP_DETECTED. Thanks to /u/toomasmolder
:: / misc: Change some comments inside parentheses to use REM instead of ::. Thanks to /u/toomasmolder
:: 1.1.2 + feature: Import Windows Vista/2008 Dism component cleanup from Stage 4
:: + feature: Implement support for -sdc switch (SKIP_DISM_CLEANUP)
:: 1.1.1 * logging: Switch from internal log function to Tron's external logging function. Thanks to github:nemchik
:: 1.1.0 * improvement: Only patch each program if it already exists on the system. Thanks to /u/Tech604
:: 1.0.0 + Initial write
@echo off
set STAGE_5_SCRIPT_DATE=2018-07-03
:: Check for standalone vs. Tron execution and build the environment if running in standalone mode
if /i "%LOGFILE%"=="" (
pushd "%~dp0"
pushd ..
:: Load the settings file
call functions\tron_settings.bat
:: Initialize the runtime environment
call functions\initialize_environment.bat
:: STAGE 5: Patch :: // Begin jobs
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_5_patch begin..."
:: Prep task: enable MSI installer in Safe Mode
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Prep]
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
if not "%SAFE_MODE%"=="" %REG% add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\%SAFEBOOT_OPTION%\MSIServer" /ve /t reg_sz /d Service /f >nul 2>&1
net start msiserver >nul 2>&1
:: Prep task: check for skip application patches (-sap) flag or variable and skip if used
if /i %SKIP_APP_PATCHES%==yes (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_APP_PATCHES (-sap) set. Skipping all application patches."
goto skip_application_patches
:: JOB: 7-Zip
:: spawn SEVENZIP_DETECTED variable, flip it if an existing 7-Zip installation is detected
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\7-Zip" set SEVENZIP_DETECTED=yes
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip" set SEVENZIP_DETECTED=yes
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Update 7-Zip]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " 7-Zip detected, updating..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Update 7-Zip'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no call "stage_5_patch\7-Zip\7-Zip Installer.bat"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Adobe Flash Player
:: Basic check for existence of a Flash installation. If ANY Flash installation is detected, launch the update script
:: The update script has additional checks to only update existing versions (e.g. Chrome vs. Active X) if they exist on the machine
if exist "%windir%\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash" set FLASH_DETECTED=yes
if exist "%windir%\System32\Macromed\Flash" set FLASH_DETECTED=yes
if %FLASH_DETECTED%==yes (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Update Adobe Flash Player]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Adobe Flash detected, updating..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Update Adobe Flash Player'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no call "stage_5_patch\adobe\flash_player\Adobe Flash Player Installer.bat"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Java Runtime update
:: spawn JAVA_DETECTED variable, flip it if an existing JRE installation is detected
:: We don't need to worry about architecture because the JRE installer script handles that
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre*" set JAVA_DETECTED=yes
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre*" set JAVA_DETECTED=yes
if %JAVA_DETECTED%==yes (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Update Java Runtime Environment]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Java Runtime detected, updating..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Update Java Runtime Environment'..."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Checking for and removing outdated installations first..."
if /i "%DRY_RUN%"=="no" (
REM EXPOSITION DUMP: OK, so all JRE runtimes (series 4-8) use certain GUIDs that increment with each new update (e.g. Update 66)
REM This makes it easy to catch ALL of them through liberal use of WMI wildcards ("_" is single character, "%" is any number of characters)
REM Additionally, JRE 6 introduced 64-bit runtimes, so in addition to the two-digit Update XX revision number, we also check for the architecture
REM type, which always equals '32' or '64'. The first wildcard is the architecture, the second is the revision/update number.
REM Skip JRE 8 because the JRE 8 update script automatically removes older versions of 8, no need to do it twice
call functions\log_with_date.bat " JRE 7..."
<NUL %WMIC% product where "IdentifyingNumber like '{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F___170__FF}'" call uninstall /nointeractive >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " JRE 6..."
REM 1st line is for updates 23-xx, after Oracle introduced 64-bit runtimes
REM 2nd line is for updates 1-22, before 64-bit JRE 6 runtimes existed
<NUL %WMIC% product where "IdentifyingNumber like '{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F8__160__FF}'" call uninstall /nointeractive >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
<NUL %WMIC% product where "IdentifyingNumber like '{3248F0A8-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0160__0}'" call uninstall /nointeractive >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " JRE 5..."
<NUL %WMIC% product where "IdentifyingNumber like '{3248F0A8-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0150__0}'" call uninstall /nointeractive >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " JRE 4..."
<NUL %WMIC% product where "IdentifyingNumber like '{7148F0A8-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0142__0}'" call uninstall /nointeractive >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
REM Install the latest version
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Installing latest JRE..."
call "stage_5_patch\java\jre\jre-8-installer.bat"
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Skip point for if -sap (skip application patches) flag was used
:: JOB: Update Windows Defender
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\mpcmdrun.exe" (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Update Windows Defender]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Updating Windows Defender..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\mpcmdrun.exe" -SignatureUpdate
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: JOB: Windows updates
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Windows Updates]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'Install Windows updates'..."
:: Detect if bundled WSUS Offline updates are included. If so, execute those instead
if exist stage_5_patch\wsus_offline\client\Update.cmd (
if /i %SKIP_WSUS_OFFLINE%==no (
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [WSUS Offline Updates]
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! WSUS Offline updates detected. Using bundled update package..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no call "stage_5_patch\wsus_offline\client\Update.cmd" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>&1
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! WSUS Offline updates detected, but SKIP_WSUS_OFFLINE (-swo) set."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Using regular online update method..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
sc config wuauserv start= auto>> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
net start wuauserv >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
wuauclt /detectnow /updatenow >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%" 2>NUL
ping -n 15 >nul
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_WINDOWS_UPDATES (-swu) set. Skipping all Windows Update methods."
:: JOB: Rebuild Windows Update base (deflates the SxS store; note that any Windows Updates installed prior to this point will no longer be uninstallable)
:: Windows 8/2012 and up only
title Tron v%TRON_VERSION% [stage_5_patch] [Rebuild Windows Update base]
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Launch job 'DISM base reset'..."
if /i %DRY_RUN%==no (
REM 7/2008R2 and up
if %WIN_VER_NUM% geq 6.1 (
Dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase /Logpath:"%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log" >nul 2>&1
type "%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
del /f /q "%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log"
REM Vista version
if %WIN_VER_NUM% equ 6.0 (
Dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /Logpath:"%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log" >nul 2>&1
type "%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log" >> "%LOGPATH%\%LOGFILE%"
del /f /q "%LOGPATH%\dism_base_reset.log"
) else (
call functions\log_with_date.bat "! SKIP_DISM_CLEANUP (-sdc) set. Skipping DISM cleanup."
call functions\log_with_date.bat " Done."
:: Stage complete
call functions\log_with_date.bat " stage_5_patch complete."