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The Missing C# ETrade Service Client

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The Missing C# E*Trade Client

This is a not-quite-feature-complete fully managed client for the ETrade API. It does only a fraction of what the API offers, namely:

  • Accounts & Balances
  • Market Data
  • Basic Order Execution (just limit orders right now)

This set of libraries is used in production in my trading automation, so the implementations do work, though not all of them may be designed well...


  // create the service client
  var client = new StocksRepository(_consumerToken, _accessToken);

  // get all accounts
  var accounts = client.GetAccounts();
  int accountId = 30049872;

  // create some orders
  var orders = 
      new List<Order>
          new Order
              IsSale = false,
              Price = 1m,
              Quantity = 1,
              Symbol = "HP"
          new Order
              IsSale = true,
              Price = 1m,
              Quantity = 1,
              Symbol = "MSFT"

  // execute them
  var response = client.ExecuteOrders(accountId, orders);

Special Thanks

The OAuth Bits
To handle OAuth we're using the DevDefined ETrade Oauth branch - thanks to jejernig for that!

The Missing Market Data (thanks Yahoo)
After getting basic OAuth working I realized there was no way (at least no documented way) to get a moving average. So a bit of code was ported from the Jarloo YahooStockEngine - thanks to Kelly Elias for that!

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