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This is a set of wrappers around a markup copy of the Federalist papers in XML, one of the classical texts for statistical learning and authorship attribution. My thanks to Matt Jockers for providing the marked-up XML; other files (such as the XML to json parser) I created myself. There is no official license on this: I suspect you would be safe to treat the Jockers-Witten parts as CC-BY-NC, and the Schmidt parts as public domain.

Bookworm Testing

The Makefile will pull the Bookworm repository and try to build a Bookworm based on the data that you put in. At any time, the current build state of the dev branch can be invoked on any machine against this repo by typing:

git clone
make -C federalist

That's useful if you want to know if your system is running Bookworm properly; this constitutes the minimum test suite for exploring whether a bookworm installation works.

Note that this currently runs on the latest version of Bookworm. If you experience problems with it, ensure that you've fully upgraded.


Texts are from:

Jockers, Matthew L. and Daniela M. Witten. “A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Methods for Authorship Attribution.” Literary and Linguistic Computing, 25.2, (2010): 215-224.

In that article, they describe the included XML texts as follows:

"The text of the Federalist Papers was acquired through Project Gutenberg and compared against the versions available online at the Avalon Project of Yale’s Law School (The Federalist Papers 2009).[8] In some cases formatting corrections to the Gutenberg texts were made and in all cases the boilerplate Gutenberg text was removed before analysis. To allow for word and bigram tokenization using the scripts developed by the authors, the corrected text was first marked up into XML. ‘‘Div’’ elements separated each paper and its author-related metadata: its title and the status of the paper’s authorship (e.g. Madison, Hamilton, Jay, Coauthored, Disputed)"