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Mining Georeferenced Data: Location-based Services and the Sharing Economy

A hands on guide on using Python to collect, analyse and mine geo-referenced data from location based services (e.g. Foursquare, Twitter) and the Sharing Economy (Uber, Airbnb etc.).

This code can be better understood following the slides below from the original presentation at the PyData NYC conference.

Part 1 Slides by Bruno Gonçalves:

Part 2 Slides by Anastasios Noulas:


  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Registering a Twitter Application
  • API Basics
  • Streaming Geolocated Tweets twitter
  • Filter Based on an arbitrary Polygon shapely, shapefile
  • Parse URLs urlparse
  • Register a Foursquare Application
  • Query Checkin Information foursquare
  • Parse webpages requests, BeautifulSoup and extract Checkin Information
  • Place Networks networkx
  • Place Centrality
  • Taxi Journeys Basemap
  • Querying Uber API
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