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Fairwinds Game Overview

'Fairwinds' is a multi-player on-line, command-line interface game that involves real-time, competitive trading on five simulated markets. Players interact with the game by using the Postgresql psql client to enter basic SQL commands to engage in interactive trading applied to simulated finance, real estate, labor, commodity, and debt markets.

Players leverage the similarities and the nuanced differences between these markets and master the interplay amongst them to create wealth while striking a balance of cooperation and competition with other players to acquire wealth and to develop and maintain resources.

'Fairwinds' is targeted at computer nerds or those that aspire to become one in that there is no graphical user interface: 'Fairwinds' is played at the command line.

Player interaction with the game is by means of structured query language (SQL) statements used to place trade orders and invoke other actions or to list information about the game and other players activities.

Alternatively, players can utilized an interactive, command-line menu-driven interface which creates the necessary SQL automatically.

A set of sequenced tutorials provides a guided introduction to the game and the skills needed to play.

Motivated aspirants utilize the game as a learning platform to acquire skills and experience with the tools and techniques involved in play …​ and thereby improve their competitiveness in the game.

'Fairwinds' is also targeted to players interested in understanding market concepts and competition. Players encounter instances of supply-verses-demand, resource scarcity, time-value-of-money, economies of scale, and diminishing returns and can observe how those factors interact over time.

Players develop a strategy of play: They can "play it safe" and progress along a predictable path, or they can jump in whole-heartedly and take risks …​ which may or may not result in commensurate rewards.

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