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StactiveRecord is a C++ library designed to make simple database use as simple and streamlined as possible in a static language. It was inspired by Ruby on Rail's Active Record, however, no similar look, feel, or performance is guaranteed. It uses an Object-relational mapping pattern to represent records as objects. It also provides persistent object relationships (one to many, many to many, one to one).



One or more of the following databases and their dev components:


Stable releases can be found at Development releases can be fetched using: git clone git://

You'll need to have the autotools installed and run ./ if you download the development version.

To compile and install: ./configure && make && sudo make install

Confiuration options can be found with: ./configure --help


export DBCONFIG=sqlite://:memory:
make test


StactiveRecord provides both typical basic ORM functionality as well as a general database agnostic interface for CRUD operations. As an example of ORM usage: #include <stactivrecord/stactive_record.h> #include using namespace stactiverecord; using namespace std;

// Initialize the DB connection
Sar_Dbi * Sar_Dbi::dbi = Sar_Dbi::makeStorage("sqlite://:memory:");

class Person : public Record<Person> {
  Person() : Record<Person>() {};
  Person(int id) : Record<Person>(id) {};
  void sayhi() { cout << "Hello\n"; };
SAR_SET_CLASSNAME(Person, "Person");

int main() {
  Person bob;
  bob.set("fullname", "Robert Somethingorother");
  bob.set("age", 50);;

  ObjGroup<Person> people = Person::find(Q("age", between(40, 100)) && Q("fullname", startswith("Robert")));
  SarVector<string> fullnames = people.get_property<string>("fullname");
  cout << "Name is: " << fullnames[0] << "\n";
  delete Sar_Dbi::dbi; // only cleanup necessary
  return 0;

Then, to compile your program (assuming you saved it in simple.cpp): g++ $(pkg-config libstactiverecord --cflags --libs) simple.cpp -o simple


API documentation can be created using the command: Doxygen firefox api/html/index.html

Further examples (including examples with object relationships) can be found in the examples directory. Additional documentation is available online at