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#ifndef OAA_H
#define OAA_H
#include "io.h"
#include "parse_primitives.h"
#include "global_data.h"
#include "example.h"
namespace OAA
struct mc_label {
uint32_t label;
float weight;
typedef uint32_t prediction_t;
void parse_flags(size_t s, void (*base_l)(example*), void (*base_f)());
void learn(example* ec);
void finish();
size_t read_cached_label(void* v, io_buf& cache);
void cache_label(void* v, io_buf& cache);
void default_label(void* v);
void parse_label(void* v, v_array<substring>& words);
void delete_label(void* v);
float weight(void* v);
float initial(void* v);
const label_parser mc_label_parser = {default_label, parse_label,
cache_label, read_cached_label,
delete_label, weight, initial,
void update_indicies(example* ec, size_t amount);
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