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Gradle Initializer Build Status

Gradle Initializer provides a web-based service for generating quickstart Gradle projects. The application provides two different interfaces: a web-based UI and an endpoint for generating projects via curl. Under the covers, Gradle Initializer uses the Tooling API to invoke the functionality of the Build Init plugin. A quickstart project is bundled and downloaded as ZIP or TAR file.

Using the web UI

The web user interface is available by opening the URL in the browser of your choice. Simply select the options for your target project and press the "Generate" button to download the archive containing the project files.

Using curl

Gradle Initializer can generate and download projects from the terminal with the help of the curl command. By default, the generated type is a plain Gradle project using the latest, packaged version of the Gradle Wrapper.

$ curl -o
$ curl -o starter.tar.gz

Additionally, the following parameters can be specified.

Parameter Description


The type of project to generate


The name of the project to generate


The package of the project to generate (only applies to JVM projects)


The DSL to use for the generate project


The Gradle version used for the Wrapper


The test framework used for some of the project types

Specifying the project type

To generate a specific project type add the type parameter to the command. The following example generates a Java library project with the test framework TestNG:

$ curl -d type=java-library -d testFramework=testng -o

The table below presents the available project types by providing the parameter type. The parameter is mandatory.

Value Description


The most-basic Gradle project


A Java application project


A Java library project


A Groovy application project


A Groovy library project


A Kotlin application project


A Kotlin library project


A Scala library project

Specifying the project DSL

The generated project can used two different DSLs starting with Gradle version 4.5. Use the parameter dsl to set the DSL.

Value Description


The project is generated with the Groovy DSL


The project is generated with the Kotlin DSL

Specifying the Wrapper version

The generated project provides a Gradle Wrapper with a specific version. The version can be provided with the parameter gradleVersion. The minimum supported version of the Gradle Wrapper is 4.4.

Specifying the test framework

The following test frameworks can be selected for the project types java-application and java-library by providing the parameter testFramework. The parameter is optional. The test framework JUnit 4 is used if the parameter isn’t provided.

Value Description




Spock framework