Gradle plugin that provides support for packaging applications for the Java platform via IzPack.
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Gradle IzPack plugin Build Status

IzPack Logo

Over the past couple of years this plugin has seen many releases. Thanks to everyone involved! Unfortunately, I don't have much time to contribute anymore. In practice this means far less activity, responsiveness on issues and new releases from my end.
I am actively looking for contributors willing to take on maintenance and implementation of the project. If you are interested and would love to see this plugin continue to thrive, shoot me a mail.

The plugin provides a one-stop solution for packaging, distributing and deploying applications for the Java platform using IzPack.


To use the IzPack plugin, include in your build script:

apply plugin: 'com.bmuschko.izpack'

The plugin JAR needs to be defined in the classpath of your build script. It is directly available on Bintray. Alternatively, you can download it from GitHub and deploy it to your local repository. The following code snippet shows an example on how to retrieve it from Bintray:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.bmuschko:gradle-izpack-plugin:3.0'

To define the IzPack standalone compiler dependency please use the izpack configuration name in your dependencies closure.

dependencies {
    izpack 'org.codehaus.izpack:izpack-standalone-compiler:4.3.4'


The IzPack plugin defines the following tasks:

  • izPackCreateInstaller: Creates an IzPack-based installer.

Convention properties

The IzPack plugin defines the following convention properties in the izpack closure:

  • baseDir: The base directory of compilation process (defaults to build/assemble/izpack).
  • installerType: The installer type (defaults to standard). You can select between standard and web.
  • installFile: The location of the IzPack installation file (defaults to src/main/izpack/install.xml).
  • outputFile: The installer output directory and filename (defaults to build/distributions/<projectname>-<version>-installer.jar).
  • compression: The compression of the installation (defaults to default). You can select between default, deflate and raw.
  • compressionLevel: The compression level of the installation (defaults to -1 for no compression). Valid values are -1 to 9.
  • appProperties: The Map of application properties to be used for the compilation process (defaults to empty Map).


izpack {
    baseDir = file("$buildDir/assemble/izpack")
    installFile = file('installer/izpack/installer.xml')
    outputFile = file("$buildDir/distributions/griffon-${version}-installer.jar")
    compression = 'deflate'
    compressionLevel = 9
    appProperties = ['': 'Griffon', '': 'griffon', 'app.title': 'Griffon',
                     'app.version': version, 'app.subpath': "Griffon-$version"]