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Knotty - Chinese Knot Generator

CS285 Project - Brandon Wang, Andrew Lee


How to use

python your_file.obj

Typically used options

  • Specifications: `python your file.obj -r [RESOLUTION] -c [CS_SCALE] -z [MAX_DIM]

    • RESOLUTION: Maximum voxel dimension
    • CS_SCALE: Cross section scale/radius
    • MAX_DIM: Maximum dimension size for STL/OBJ output
  • Non-well-behaved OBJ's: python your_file.obj -b

    Use -b for a slower, more accurate voxelization

Current Status


  • Initial OpenGL Code:

    • PyOpenGL working
    • Viewport/quaternion rotation working
  • Voxelization:

    • "Well-behaved" OBJs
      • Winding Number
      • Parity/XOR
    • All OBJ
      • 3 pass boundary voxels
  • Patterning:

    • Up and down control points specified
    • Control points to spline
    • Eulerian path construction (Single thread)
  • Polygon:

    • Spline to polygon
    • Watertight polygon
    • Polygon to STL
    • Polygon to OBJ

###Not Done

  • Extensions to non-axis-aligned shapes (Triangles, quads)