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Enhance your commit messages with emoji 🍒

podmena will automatically add random emoji to every commit message for any git repository installed for.


868 items in database so far!

Credits go to WebFX for list of emoji!


$ pip install podmena
  • Activate for current git repository
$ podmena add local

You can also replace add with a different alias

activate / enable / install / on

e.g. podmena enable local

  • Activate globally for all repositories (works with git 2.9.1 and above)
$ git --version
$ podmena add global  # Aliases work here as well
  • Deactivate it
$ podmena rm local
$ podmena rm global

You can replace rm with any of these available aliases

remove / delete / deactivate / disable / off / uninstall

e.g. podmena deactivate local

  • Check current status if you not sure
$ podmena status
  • And finally podmena --version and podmena --help in case you need more details.

NOTE: uninstalling globally will not remove hooks from repositories where it was installed locally. You need to switch to that directory manually and uninstall it locally as well.


See for the full list of icons in the database and to check how GitHub renders them.


See to setup your local development environment and feel free to create a pull request with a new feature.


See for the new features included within each release.

See also

Say thanks!

🐶 D7DA74qzZUyh9cctCxWovPTEovUSjGzL2S this is Dogecoin wallet to support the project.

🇺🇦 We would also thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for providing security to perform this work. This work has become possible only because of resilience and courage of the Ukrainian Army.