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A transport protocol agnostic (MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets etc.) Franca IDL based communication framework supporting multiple communication paradigms (RPC, Pub-Sub, broadcast etc.)
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Mátyás Forstner thomasreuterdebertrandtcom
Mátyás Forstner and thomasreuterdebertrandtcom [C++] Future: Use std::future internally
- Use std::future internally in joynr Future class.
- Also remove the specialization for unique_ptr.  If we need it later,
  we need a generalized form for non-copyable result types.  It has also
  a different semantic: the get() method, when called more than once,
  resulted in a different, invalid (moved-out) response.
- Earlier it was also possible to call onSuccess/onError multiple times,
  resulting in overwriting the previously set results.  Now a
  std::future_error will be thrown, caught and logged.
- Note: This commit changes the ABI.
Latest commit 1e0b35d Nov 22, 2019
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android [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
basemodel [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
cpp [C++] Future: Use std::future internally Jan 31, 2020
docker [Docker] Exit if payara fails to start Jan 30, 2020
docs [Docs] Add overview diagram to GCD documentation Sep 25, 2019
examples [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
graphics [Java] pimp android-location-provider May 23, 2014
java [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
javascript [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
tests [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
tools [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
wiki [Wiki] Update and fix release notes Jan 31, 2020
.clang-format [C++] code format adjustments Oct 23, 2014
.eslintrc.js [JS] Consolidate dev-dependencies in root package.json Sep 10, 2019
.gitattributes fix .gitattributes to always checkout shell scripts with LF endings Sep 10, 2018
.gitignore [JS] Filter released joynr-generator files by whitelisting Sep 11, 2019
.gitlint Add gitlint file Jan 30, 2019
.npmrc [JS] avoid creating package-lock files May 15, 2018
.prettierrc.js [JS] Introduce Typescript setup for libjoynr-js May 16, 2019
LICENSE joynr: original contribution Oct 9, 2013
NOTICE [Java] Updated NOTICE files Jan 13, 2020 [Docs] documentation of MQTT client integration and config Jan 13, 2020
package.json [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
pom.xml [Release] set version to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 31, 2020
tsconfig.json [JS] Rewrite robustness-tests to TS Sep 10, 2019


What is joynr?

joynr is a web-based communication framework for Java, C++, and JavaScript applications wanting to interact with other applications, no matter whether they're deployed on consumer devices, vehicles, backend infrastructure or in the cloud.

joynr makes writing distributed applications easy, as it:

  • takes care of determining the most appropriate communication paradigm to talk with the desired end point
  • provides a simple application programming interface to the joynr framework
  • speeds up integration of new applications

... allowing you to focus on building your distributed application.

How do I write joynr?

joynr is correctly written as "joynr". It is not an abbreviation nor a combination of words.


Have a peek at our documentation for more information:

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