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Cluster controller settings

Access control

Access control verifies access permissions of requests sent from a consumer to a provider. It also controls if the application can register a provider under a given domain/interface pair. Replies, publications, subscription replies and multicasts are not being checked. Informations on which consumer can access which provider are received from the global domain access controller (GDAC).

The following settings control access control behaviour at runtime:

  • access-control/enable: if set to true permissions will be checked. No permission check will be performed otherwise.
  • access-control/audit: if set to true permissions will be checked but in case of failure, messages will not get dropped. If set to false, no permission check will be performed. It does not have any effect if access-control/enable is set to false.
  • access-control/use-ldas-only: if set to true no communication with the GDAC (global domain access controller) will be performed. Otherwise the following two properties should be set:
    • access-control/global-domain-access-controller-address: serialized (JSON) address of a MqttAddress pointing to the GDAC.
    • access-control/global-domain-access-controller-participantid: participantid of the GDAC.

For a concrete example, have a look at the following settings file: CCSettingsWithAccessControlEnabled.settings.

Additionally, it is also possible to provision access control entries to the cluster-controller. You can try by copying the CCAccessControlTest.entries to the working directory of the cluster-controller and rename it to CCAccessControl.entries.

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