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Joynr Versioning

Semantic versioning of joynr

Starting with joynr 1.0.0 joynr follows the semantic versioning scheme as defined at Considering x.y.z as a generic version with x = MAJOR, y = MINOR and z = PATCH, the following will hold true:

  • (x+1).0.0 breaks API and/or the messaging layer.
  • x.(y+1).0 brings new features (also new APIs) but current API stays stable. No change to the messaging layer.
  • x.y.(z+1) this new version brings only bug fixes.

joynr version on develop branch

As we do not expect nor want to break current API or the current messaging layer, after any release, develop is automatically updated to the subsequent MINOR release with the appending word SNAPSHOT attached to it. So for example, after releasing joynr 1.0.0 the develop branch is updated to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT. For possible 1.0.z releases that are merged into develop the versioning on the branch is not updated.

If API breaks or messaging layer breaks are merged into develop then develop is updated to the subsequent MAJOR version. So for example, if develop points currently at 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT after merging a messaging layer change, develop is updated to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. The version of develop will then stay the same until the next major release branch.

Every non PATCH release will have a version which is equivalent to the one on develop without the word SNAPSHOT. So for example, if develop points at 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT the next major release will be 2.0.0.

A note on ABI compatibility for C++ applications

C++ ABI compatibility is not explicitly part of this versioning scheme and is generally not guaranteed across releases. A change in the MINOR or MAJOR version should always be considered ABI incompatible. PATCH versions are usually ABI compatible however, if we suspect that the next PATCH version is not ABI compatible, the release notes will mention it.


These specifications are derived from (version 2.0). This file is hence released under the terms of the Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0.

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