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Building joynr JavaScript

The following scripts found within the joynr repository can be used to build joynr inside a docker container without having to install anything on the build machine.


See Building joynr Java and common components.

Building joynr JavaScript

Joynr JavaScript can be built by executing the following command:

sudo docker run --rm --sig-proxy -e DEV_UID="$(id -u)"
    -v <FULL_PATH_TO_MAVEN_DIRECTORY>:/home/joynr/.m2

This will start the docker container joynr-javascript and execute the script docker/joynr-javascript/scripts/build/ in the joynr repository. This script builds joynr JavaScript.

The joynr artifacts necessary for building joynr JavaScript are taken from the local Maven repository <FULL_PATH_TO_HOST_MAVEN_DIRECTORY> mounted at /home/joynr/.m2 in the docker container. Like for building joynr Java, the path to the joynr repository <FULL_PATH_TO_JOYNR_JAVASCRIPT_REPOSITORY> has to be provided to be accessible from the docker container at /data/src.

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