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#include <XnCppWrapper.h>
#include <vector>
// A 3D point with the confidence of the point's location. confidence_ > 0.5 is good
struct SkeletonPoint
float x, y, z, confidence;
struct Skeleton
SkeletonPoint head;
SkeletonPoint neck;
SkeletonPoint rightShoulder;
SkeletonPoint leftShoulder;
SkeletonPoint rightElbow;
SkeletonPoint leftElbow;
SkeletonPoint rightHand;
SkeletonPoint leftHand;
SkeletonPoint rightHip;
SkeletonPoint leftHip;
SkeletonPoint rightKnee;
SkeletonPoint leftKnee;
SkeletonPoint rightFoot;
SkeletonPoint leftFoot;
SkeletonPoint torso;
// SkeletonSensor: A wrapper for OpenNI Skeleton tracking devices
// Requires the OpenNI + NITE framework installation and the device driver
// Tracks users within the device FOV, and assists in collection of user joints data
class SkeletonSensor
// set up the device resolution and data generators
int initialize();
// non-blocking wait for new data on the device
void waitForDeviceUpdateOnUser();
// update vector of tracked users
void updateTrackedUsers();
// return true if UID is among the tracked users
bool isTracking(const unsigned int uid);
// returns skeleton of specified user
Skeleton getSkeleton(const unsigned int uid);
// returns vector of skeletons for all users
std::vector<Skeleton> getSkeletons();
// get number of tracked users
unsigned int getNumTrackedUsers();
// map tracked user index to UID
unsigned int getUID(const unsigned int index);
// change point mode
void setPointModeToProjective();
void setPointModeToReal();
// get depth and image data
const XnDepthPixel* getDepthData();
const XnDepthPixel* getWritableDepthData(){};
const XnUInt8* getImageData();
const XnLabel* getLabels();
xn::Context context_;
xn::DepthGenerator depthG_;
xn::UserGenerator userG_;
xn::ImageGenerator imageG_;
std::vector<unsigned int> trackedUsers_;
// current list of hands
//std::list<XnPoint3D> handCursors;
bool pointModeProjective_;
// on user detection and calibration, call specified functions
int setCalibrationPoseCallbacks();
// joint to point conversion, considers point mode
void convertXnJointsToPoints(XnSkeletonJointPosition* const j, SkeletonPoint* const p, unsigned int numPoints);
// callback functions for user and skeleton calibration events
static void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE newUserCallback(xn::UserGenerator& generator, XnUserID nId, void* pCookie);
static void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE lostUserCallback(xn::UserGenerator& generator, XnUserID nId, void* pCookie);
static void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE calibrationStartCallback(xn::SkeletonCapability& capability, XnUserID nId, void* pCookie);
static void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE calibrationCompleteCallback(xn::SkeletonCapability& capability, XnUserID nId, XnCalibrationStatus eStatus, void* pCookie);
static void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE poseDetectedCallback(xn::PoseDetectionCapability& capability, const XnChar* strPose, XnUserID nId, void* pCookie);