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Dynaname - dynamic DNS updater using nsupdate and bind 9
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 Dynaname - Your dynamic DNS, on YOUR domain name, on YOUR infrastructure.


There are two big players in the field: (ex-DynDNS) and

Recently, one of the most popular provider ( decided to get rid of their
free (as in free beer) service. 
To push users to the pay version, they're forcing their users to login at least once
a month on their web interface. After a month without web activity, the domain will be 
frozen and then deleted, which is really cumbersome and can be easily forgotten.
A script can of course be written to work around that, but it is just a temporary dirty fix. do not have a high presence in Europe, which can be problematic at times.

They are both US-centric, which is a problem after the messy NSA scandal, or you 
may want to eat from their turf. :-)

My opinion is that if you need to pay for such a service, it has to be hammered down to 
YOUR specifications.


Latest versions of BIND (The Berkeley Internet Name Daemon) have provisions for dynamic
update of the zone records, this script is just a wrapper around the nsupdate utility
and is designed to be mostly foolproof, didactic (it will generate configuration snippets
to install on your DNS server) and easy to use.


This script is in the early stage, but is already somewhat useable.

- Generate server side config files
- Daemon mode
- Query web site for IP addresses (useful when the daemon runs on another box than the router)
- Cron setup (register/unregister)
- Documentation


client side:
- A linux machine (I need *BSD testers)
- The Bourne Again Shell (bash) (Not tested on Busybox Ash)
- nsupdate binary (to update the DNS server)
- dnssec-keygen  (to generate keypairs)
Server side:
- A server with static public IP addresses
- ISC BIND 9 on the server
- Your favorite domain name to play with

- Bernhard M. Wiedemann: many patches
- Florian Streibelt: IPv6 address validation code (
- Mitch Frazier: IPv4 address validation code (
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