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since this is a recurring theme
and it is good to have a place like this to point people to
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Some software and documentation uses the year of build
in copyright strings.

As long as this only touches comments in .c or .h files,
it will only alter the build-id in the resulting binary.

However, building today's software in 2037 and getting a
`Copyright © 2002-2037 THEAUTHORS`
is wrong, because nobody authored anything in 2037 in this version.

Projects are better off manually updating the year with git commits
or updating the date from a ChangeLog or input file mtime
so it remains constant for release tarballs.

See also on the [stackoverflow discussion]( titled "Do copyright dates need to be updated?"

Seen in the wild:
* cmake
* autoconf/shell
* go
* python
* java
* java

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