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BlitzMax macOS.x64 v0.129.3.45

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@woollybah woollybah released this 16 Oct 09:30
· 11 commits to master since this release

BlitzMax, x64 macOS edition.

Includes SDL backend, mojo2, Crypto, Audio, Random, Text, Steam.


BlitzMax for macOS does not currently ship with any compiled binaries (bcc, bmk, MaxIDE) due to security restrictions applied to downloaded executables. Binaries are automatically sandboxed so that it is prohibited from access the local BlitzMax folders (bin, mod, etc).

Building the Binaries

As a workaround, we provide a script you can run from Finder which will build all the required binaries and allow you to get started coding in BlitzMax.

After unzipping the release, run either

  • run_me_first.command - double-click on it in Finder. You will probably then need to go to Preferences -> Security & Privacy, and choose to Run it anyway. This will allow the script to run in a Terminal window and build the binaries.
  • - open Terminal, and navigate to the unzipped BlitzMax folder. Run the script with ./ This will build the binaries.