Inkscape Extension: Embed and Crop Images
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Inkscape is a powerful open-source vector graphics editor which supports the inclusion of raster images either through file references (links) or through direct embedding of the image data in the Inkscape SVG file. Referencing images as links keeps SVG files small and ensures that changes to image placement and transformations specified in the SVG file remain separate from the underlying image data. However, embedding images may be required as a final step in some production work-flows.

This java-based extension for Inkscape facilitates image embedding by:

  • Automatically identifying all linked images.
  • Cropping image data that lies outside the images' clipping frame.
  • Optionally applying jpeg compression.
  • Writing the cropped and possibly compressed image data directly in the SVG file.

By cropping image data that lies outside the clipping frame or applying jpeg compression, the resulting file size can be reduced significantly. Alternatively, if preserving image quality is a priority jpeg compression can be explicitly avoided.

The plugin uses ImageJ to load and manipulate the image data and the Apache Commons Codec library to encode the data for embedding.

Installation instructions and documentation