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Greenfield Whitepaper

The goal of the BNB Greenfield is to unleash the power of decentralized blockchain and storage technology on data ownership and data economy.

BNB Greenfield is not only a new blockchain in BNB but also an infrastructure and ecosystem targeting to facilitate the decentralized data economy. It tries to achieve it by easing the process to store and manage data access and linking data ownership with the massive DeFi context of BSC.

It focuses on 3 parts that differ from existing centralized and decentralized storage systems:

  • It enables Ethereum-compatible addresses to create and manage both data and token assets.

  • It natively links data permissions and management logic onto BSC as exchangeable assets and smart contract programs with all other assets.

  • It provides developers with similar API primitives and performance as popular existing Web2 cloud storage.

It is expected that Greenfield will set up a playground and test field for new data economy and dApp models, which eventually becomes part of the foundation for Web3.

The white paper in this repository describes the main design and implementation of the platform. Many ideas are based on the great contributions of other leading protocols and teams. Please refer to the acknowledgment sections.

Any constructive opinions, ideas, and feedback are welcome.

Hope everyone enjoys the journey!

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All the content are licensed under CC BY 4.0.


Whitepaper for Greenfield, the decentralized data economy







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