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import sys
import struct
tbl = [0xC3113E7F, 0x4C353C5F, 0x7423810B, 0x258D264E, 0xDAD39DED, 0x75D0B694, 0x98CE1216,
0x93334482, 0xC5C48EA5, 0xF57E0E8B, 0x5D7F3723, 0x396B1B24, 0xA8883D9F, 0xB2A74A00,
0xF8E171AE, 0x3F01FBAB, 0x5C1840CB, 0xDDD833C4, 0x8D8CCA34, 0x32EF223A, 0x1A05B871,
0x9A9B6BFC, 0x50406A0C, 0xE7E1FC04, 0x5E07D7F6, 0x80B83660, 0x20892A62, 0xB2C6FEA6,
0x6CEC7CAA, 0x182F764B, 0x3B0353E7, 0x57FC2520, 0x4B6812D4, 0xACB654E4, 0x23C75C04,
0xB1DCD731, 0xE3AF0733, 0xF2366D39, 0xC729671B, 0xFF3BE6F2, 0xABA37E34, 0x3CDAFA38,
0xAAD18D03, 0xA8D35345, 0x08E9A92C, 0xF9324059, 0x42D821BE, 0x1BC152DD, 0x5588811C,
0x874A1F9A, 0x6E83E9CD, 0xDA6F3AF8, 0x965D4670, 0xA7A565C0, 0x68D8A9AF, 0xFC8FD8FD,
0x8FF99FF9, 0x4C9B42AE, 0x2D066A8D, 0x4D1802F7, 0x557032B2, 0x12BCF371, 0xDC29D5AE,
0x72EA361F, 0xE2835B0B, 0xDFC58966, 0x13B0F34D, 0x3FA02BCD, 0xBF282E3D, 0x7DC877F5,
0xF4848A32, 0x861E35F5, 0x7FFA0D7F, 0x515F2E4E, 0x6B235D5C, 0x55F46E24, 0x35AD2C99,
0x072654A8, 0x05163F0F, 0x9317B11A, 0xAED1FC10, 0x989444F0, 0xDB3E1814, 0x446C0CF1,
0x660BF511, 0x2F227D3A, 0xFDBA0539, 0xC649E621, 0x5204D7CE, 0x5FA386D0, 0xE5F22005,
0x97B6C8A1, 0x4AB69EC2, 0x5C7CA70D, 0x39A48EC6, 0x7BACF378, 0x8D0ED3D1, 0xE39DE582,
0xC5FBE2AB, 0x37E3D2D0, 0x06F44724, 0x73144144, 0xBA57E905, 0xB05B4307, 0xAEED8D97,
0xA68CCAC4, 0xE30DA57E, 0xED0F194B, 0x8C2B9B7A, 0x814575D5, 0x79588493, 0x81D3712A,
0x3FA892F2, 0x80F0BB94, 0x44EAF51A, 0x4E05F1D4, 0xFC69F858, 0x775E8D60, 0x22B20DD7,
0x170A87EA, 0x1077DE52, 0x3D5EC9FB, 0x0B6EB1E5, 0xF2F9CCAF, 0xA76C7DEB, 0xD8C2D873,
0xF438C592, 0x6239FEEC, 0x26D3D2A9, 0x30F6FADF, 0x4B2984CC, 0x6257F3DA, 0x0E0583E2,
0x143E5E61, 0xBB2732BF, 0x9653217A, 0x027A84EA, 0x95C9AE8B, 0x89B8B82B, 0x9F286485,
0x29F622FE, 0x52A3196B, 0x8392D95F, 0x33A79167, 0xF5DEE92A, 0x6E397DB9, 0x11931C01,
0x8DD2CD3B, 0xF9E6003D, 0xAB955AF4, 0xD38725F9, 0xDCF6F8AE, 0x7667A958, 0xE67AD995,
0xB7CF979A, 0xD88EBE5B, 0x5BA889F0, 0x078BDD90, 0x447238F9, 0x3135F672, 0x187B95A8,
0x0B7D5751, 0xACD59D2A, 0x9C5D1929, 0x579E5022, 0xEA90499B, 0x59901800, 0x82237DB5,
0x7A375509, 0xACA9A22A, 0xEC96E649, 0x69339DB0, 0x081D0D9B, 0xD72FB8B9, 0xA4184653,
0xC057321D, 0xED19CAB9, 0xB48F1E3E, 0xB9DAC51E, 0xDAED2FC7, 0x7598CBBD, 0x208DF346,
0x044BE6EC, 0x1C63E6EB, 0xA15F64C1, 0xE024A061, 0x68309584, 0x0758A68D, 0xF274E9AE,
0x0ABEA0CC, 0xED4FB267, 0x63D6EC46, 0x9F28E026, 0xF0694A17, 0x9D6E9115, 0xC4600FAD,
0x5B121E99, 0xD6B4A13B, 0xF5364B8A, 0x8514B254, 0x0182F8DD, 0xDB09F90B, 0x78C70B32,
0xD8EC3B02, 0x8CD7084D, 0xA4439838, 0x72F35A3D, 0x200B48A5, 0xE2351444, 0xA5552F5F,
0xD8C1E746, 0x0FE5EF3C, 0xB6A47063, 0x61F4E68B, 0x08FED99B, 0x7E461445, 0x43CB8380,
0x28BA03C8, 0x21A7A2E2, 0x43437ED6, 0x2A9E6670, 0x89B4A106, 0xC6C2F4EE, 0x9C4063CC,
0x2FA0DF6C, 0xB54DC409, 0xCF01538F, 0x616431D7, 0x02CB0E4D, 0x44FFF425, 0xAAD5188E,
0x0742E9BC, 0xFFF41353, 0x130F0A15, 0x787BDC10, 0x4A327B72, 0x702989F7, 0x5F704798,
0x8156A1BB, 0x2BCA3E74, 0x1911A8C4, 0x5E1F27D3, 0x07949DC7, 0xF24C2056, 0xB4299EE6,
0x9C7045D9, 0xA8BF6307, 0x7454AAD2, 0x256425E5, 0xD87DEF67, 0xCFE95452, 0xE7548DF7,
0xA84956C7, 0xD8402C60, 0xCFBD0373, 0x6B6CDAFE]
def rotl32(x, shift):
shift = shift % 32
othershift = (-shift & 31)
a = (x << shift) & 0xFFFFFFFF
b = (x >> othershift) & 0xFFFFFFFF
return a | b
def yr_hash(data, seed=0):
i = len(data) - 1
result = seed
for b in data:
b = ord(b)
result ^= rotl32(tbl[b], i)
i -= 1
return result
if __name__ == '__main__':
f = open(sys.argv[1], 'rb')
hdr =
h = yr_hash(hdr)
datalen = struct.unpack('I', hdr[4:8])[0]
data =
h = yr_hash(data, h)
print '0x{:08X}'.format(h)